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Blarney Folk Story (1964-1972)

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The Story

The story of the Blarney Folk started when three young men from Dublin met at an informal music session at the beginning of 1964 and discovered they all had the same interests. They got together again a few weeks later and the Blarney Folk were born. The three young men were: Mike O'Brien (bass), his younger brother Brian (guitar and arrangements) and Eugene Byrne (guitar).

Although one of the lesser known of the folk "boom" bands, they rode the same wave of popularity and in the mid 60's they did numerous tours of Ireland, England and Scotland, went to America and even appeared at the legendary Carnegie Hall on St. Patrick's Night in 1967.

They released The Merry Ploughboy in September, 1966 and had a major hit, breaking into the Irish top ten and peaking and number 7.  They followed this up with Ramblin' Boy which did not chart. We are unsure whether they ever released another single.

In 1969, the band released two albums on the Emerald label: Touch of Irish and Let Those Irish Brown Eyes Smile At Me Babe. At some point, they also released The Blarney Folk's Ireland, although we cannot find a date for this.

We are unsure how long the trio stayed together, but the last advertised gig in Ireland we found was October 1st, 1972. We will continue to research their story. If you can help, please let us know. We found advertisements for a band called the Blarney Folk as late as 1988 and 1990 but have no idea if this is the same band.

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Photo Gallery

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Blarney Folk - 1967 (BA) Blarney Folk - 1967 Blarney Folk - 1967 Blarney Folk-1967 Blarney Folk (RF)
Blarney Folk - 1969 Blarney Folk - 1969 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
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The Merry Ploughboy / The Beggarman
- #7 Irish Charts
Major Records - MJS 101 - September, 1966
Ramblin' Boy / All For Me Grog
Major Records - MJS 103 - December, 1966
Touch of Irish
Emerald Records - MLD 34 - 1969
Let Those Irish Brown Eyes Smile At Me Babe
Emerald Records - MLD 35 - September, 1969
The Blarney Folk's Ireland
Emerald Records - GEM 1084 - Unknown

Audio Clips

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Where Are They Now?  

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