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Selected Entertainment Poll:
Do you think that Ireland's 'Showbands' contributed to the mass emigration of the sixties?

Your Comments:

When you think about it Britain had the Beatles, The Who, The Stones, the Animals (the list is endless) and what did we have?? showbands!!
Barry, Cork

No The showbands were the only bright spot on the Irish youth scene in the 60's as well as Radio Luxembourg Yes Barry Britain had the Beatles, The Who, The Stones, the Animals, But not in the early sixties the music scene was dominated by American Artists and British Cover Singers The Beatles were the First orignal group out of Britain The others just ripped off old American Black Blues singers even some of the Beatles early hits were covers Early Sixties rock and roll in Ireland was the Showbands
Ian New Jersey

This poll is aimed at people under 40 who are mostly only aware of “country ‘n’ Irish” outfits masquerading as showbands. Have they listened to the amazing sounds of The Freshmen from Ballymena led by the late Billy Brown? Do they know that Rory Gallagher started with The Fontana (later The Impact) Showband? Do they know that Henry McCullough has pleasant memories of his time with The Skyrockets and Gene & The Gents? That Van Morrison enjoyed his time with The Monarchs? That Arty McGlynn has happy memories of his years with The Plattermen and The Polka Dots? How about Paul Ashford (later of Stepaside) and the late Fran O’Toole?

Admittedly, there were some poor showbands, but at least they went out and earned a crust. It’s a pathetic cliché to even ask this question and anyone who voted YES is just falling into the Independent trap. Some of the showbands may have been painful to listen to but they sure weren’t responsible for even one single emigrant leaving this country.
Francis Kaye

The mass emigration from Ireland WAS the Showbands themselves, once bands like The Mainliners and copyists started playing utter codswallop, with which, unfortunately most modern researchers equate the Showbands of the 60's. Don't forget also that the Showbands put a heap of money into the taxman's coffers/or did they?
Mike, County Down.

This must be some kind of joke... Does anyone in their right mind think that going out to hear a showband in the 60's would make you want to leave the country. Check the unemployment figures and then think about this stupid question that you are posing once again. If, as you are insinuating Showbands made a contribution to emigration. Why did they constantly tour England and America and pack the venues out.
Is someone having a very, very slow day at the paper?
John Farrell. Boston

No:- The Irish Showbands created a whole new industry that helped to provide employment that allowed prospective emigrants the chance to stay at home. For those who had to emigrate, the popularity of the Showbands both in Ireland and also in the UK provided support and a vital link between those away and those left at home.
Robert Merchant

Why would Ireland's showbands contribute to mass emigration? What is the relevance of this question?
Roy Donnelly Former Lead Singer with The Johnny Flynn Showband

Judging by some of the other polls you are conducting here it would seem that your purpose in conducting these polls is pure frivolity. Ireland's Showbands (no quotation marks) of the sixties were unique in the world of entertainment. To suggest that they contributed to mass emigration is ludicrous in the extreme.
Cass, Navan

Dear Sir / Madam, To poke fun at Showbands has always been fashionable among pseudo intellectuals. The former members of this hugely successful brotherhood certainly need no endorsement from you. However I should caution you that in lambasting that movement you are in fact insulting an entire generation of Irish people. Insulting the very people who secured you the country you now enjoy. Popular culture reflects the populace and water finds its own level. As a former national (UK) newspaper proprietor (and editor), I say be careful who you offend as your joke may backfire on you. Yours sincerely,
Steve Travers.



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