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The Esker Ballroom


In 1945 the county ploughing championships were held in Glenamaddy and were a huge success. After the ploughing, a dance to commemorate the event and to formally announce the winners was held in the Town Hall. Sadly though the Town Hall was not nearly big enough to hold the crowds that wished to attend the dance so Mr.James Keaveney from Esker, Glenamaddy and his colleagues came up with the idea that a larger venue should be built to hold the large crowds that attended functions of this type in Glenamaddy.

In 1947 a building of this calibre was built by James Keaveney on the Kilkerrin Road in Glenamaddy, but because this was during the war and because of some objection he could not hold get a licence to hold dances or have a bar in the building. Eventually these problems were overcome and on the 27th of April 1949 the first dance was held in The Esker Ballroom. The dance was very successful and was the first of many, held every second Sunday, which would make the Esker Ballroom famous throughout the country.


In 1960 Glenamaddy held its first drama festival. The Esker Ballroom was given to the Festival Committee to hold the event which drew large crowds from surrounding parishes who come and see the high quality theatrical productions of the time.


(Right: Cab.K and his band on the first time they played in Ireland at the Esker Ballroom.)

In 1970 the Esker Ballroom closed as marquees who were in direct competition with the Ballroom became more and more popular in the area. The building was sold to Joe O'Neill who then set up the Sound of Music night club which was also a huge success for many years and drew crowds from all over Connaught and indeed Ireland.
The building is not used for dances or public gatherings anymore, but is now a furniture store which is opened on Sundays.


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