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Kathleen Smith's Photo Collection Part II (199 images)

Kathleen Smith met Big Tom when she was fifteen years old, and for the next ten years, she remained a huge fan of the Castleblaney legend. During that time, she collected every photo she could get her hands on and has been kind enough to contribute them to our website so they can be shared with the rest of the world. Whether or not you were a fan of Big Tom, you have to appreciate Kathleen's loyalty and dedication. Kathleen also has plenty of photos of other bands, of course, which are also posted below! Thanks Kathleen, we hope everyone else will enjoy these photos as much as you enjoyed collecting them over the years.

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Smokey Mountain Ramblers The Smokeys The Sounds The Ventures

Tides Showband

Nashville Ramblers

The Hillbillies

Big Eight

Chips - 1972

Gerry Black &
The Seasons

Country Flavour

Brian Coll &
The Buckaroos

Jimmy Johnston Showband

Brendan Quinn &
Cades County


Ian Corrigan

Tony Hughes of the Ventures

Gerry Black Pat Roper of the Spotlights

Dermot Hegarty

Clipper Carlton

Pat Ely and
The Smokeys

Navak Showband

Tina and the Mexicans

All Star Seasons

Dukes Showband

Gerry Black and the Seasons

Tommy Fee and
The Cajun Sound

Annalee's Showband

Jim Tobin and
The Firehouse


Jim Tobin of the Firehouse

Jim Tobin of the Firehouse

Ray Lynam

Gene Stuart

Gene Stuart

Jim Tobin and the Firehouse

Mighty Avons

Gene Stuart and the Mighty Avons

Gene Stuart and the Mighty Avons

Gene Stuart and the Mighty Avons

Ray Lynam and the Hillbillies

Jim Tobin and the Firehouse

Pat Roper and the Spotlights

Jim Tobin and the Firehouse

Jim Tobin and the Firehouse

Johnny McEvoy

Dan and the Farmers

Jim Tobin of the Firehouse

Brian Coll

Brian Coll

Johnny McEvoy Band

Garry and the Western Stars

Mattie Fox and the Grassroots


Colm and the Sundowners

Tony Hughes and the Ventures

Tony Hughes of the Cotton Mill Boys

Bobby Smith of the Royal Blues

The Nevada - 1971

Sean Dunphy & the Hoedowners

The Airchords

Dermot O'Brien Trio

Joe Dolan

The Times

D.J. Curtin

John Glenn

The Dixies

Jimmy Johnston

Tom Kelly Sound


Dermot Henry

The Mighty Avons

Jimmy "Ginger" Morgan

Brian Herron

Dermot O'Brien

Dermot O'Brien and His Clubmen

The Mighty Avons The Gaylords

Gay Stars

Dermot O'Brien and His Clubmen


California Brakemen Midnighters

Derrick & The Sounds


Ray Lynam and the Hillbillies - 1971

The Capitol Showband The Drifters

The Dreams

Larry Cunningham's Country Blue Boys

George Kaye

Art Supple Brendan Shine Irish Stars - 1971

Gene Stuart & The Homesteaders

Cotton Mills Boys - '71 Larry Cunningham Chieftains (KS)

Tony Kenny

Dr. Strangely Strange - 1971

Johnny Logan - 1980 Jim Farley's Big Band-1971 Roly, Kelley & the Nevada-1971

Pat Roper & The Spotlights-1971

Mick Roche & The Arrows-1971

Hugo Duncan & The Tall Men-1971

Roly Daniels & Green County-1971 Dubliners-1971 Wolfe Tones - 1971 Philomena Begley & Her Ramblin Men
Brendan Shine

Philomena Begley - 1984

Big Ivan Johnny Logan - 1980

Pat Lynch-1971

The Indians Sean Dunphy Miami Philomena Begley & Her Ramblin Men Hugo Duncan
Hugo Duncan Chieftains

The Hillbillies

Margo & the Country Folk - 1971 Gene Stuart
Ventures Huskeys Dermot O'Brien Clubmen Stage Two Art Supple
Dermot O'Brien Philomena Begley Philomena Begley Brian Coll Gene Stuart
Gene Stuart Mighty Avons Gene Stuart John Glen & The Mainliners Jim Tobin
Brendan Quinn & The Bluebirds Gerry Black & The Seasons Paddy Day Dubliners Brian Coll
Mighty Avons The Navaks Plattermen - 1971 Kerry Blues Country Folk
Larry Cunningham & Country Blue Boys The Dreams Fran O'Toole Dubliners Pattersons - 1970
Johnny McEvoy Tom Kelly Sound-1971 Nevada-1971 Des & John Kelly Phil Begley
Dermot Hegarty Roly Daniels - 1971 Annalees Jim Farley Big Band Dixies
Brendan Hutchinson John Tighe Ray Lynam Gene Stuart Royal Showband
Johnny Regan Dermot Henry The Arrows Billy Brown Brian Harkin
Hillbillies Sandie Jones Red Hurley Tony Kenny Tommy Drennan & Top League - 1973
Brian Coll & The Buckaroos - 1973 Johnny McEvoy Mighty Avons Airchords Candy
Jim Cantwell Cowboys Donie Collins The Capitol Dermot O'Brien
Kerry Blues Johnny McEvoy Band Gregory & Terry -  Nashville Ramblers The Miami Nevada
Plainsmen Church Mice TR Dallas TR Dallas Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


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