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Adrigole Hall, Adrigole, Co. Cork

The first mention of Aridgole Hall that we can find it in the 1940's. Like so many small villages across Ireland, the hall served
many needs for locals from meetings to dramas to dances and cinemas. It also served the needs of local political parties and sporting
teams as well. For most of its history, the hall ran dances on an "as needed" basis, but in the late 1960's it started running
dances on a regular basis starting with Sundays nights, then Saturday nights and eventually moving to Friday nights inn the early 1970's.
From what we can find in our research it looks like these dances were held regularly from around 1966 through 1972. Like so many
of these halls, the Adrigole has morphed, first from a hall to a community centre in the 1990's and then in 2004 we think it became the
Caha Centre. If you know any more about the hall, please let us know.  


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