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Ashling Ballroom, Clogherhead

Although built in 1970, the Ashling wasn't officially opened until St. Patrick's night, 1971. It was built on the grounds of the
holiday caravan park by owners Michael Carroll and Noel McEvoy. It was a n immediate success owing, at least in part, to the loss of
Abbey Ballroom in Drogheda which burned down. The opening night band was officially the Sands, but there had dances
there the previous season with bands like the Capitol, Dreams and the Swallows. An an interesting aside, the relief band in the hall
featured a young Kevin Walsh, brother of Nevada trumpeter Willie Walsh. In 19874, the Swallows would make him Magic after switching from
country to pop. The Ashling was a big time venue that attracted all the top name showbands in its day. We're not 100% sure when
the ballroom closed. The company last provided financial records in 1990, but Brendan Bowyer playing a gig there is August, 1994.
Since then, the Ashling has been empty and is now derelict and empty. There were talks of trying to renovate the ballroom around 2010,
but nothing ever happened.

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