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A.O.H. Hall, 31 Parnell Square, Dublin, Co. Dublin

The A.O.H. Hall (Ancient Order of Hibernians) was built in 1905 at 31 Parnell Square West in Dublin 1. The first reference to it we can find
in papers is for classes of the National Orchestral Society in 1913 (see below). For most of the next
50 years the hall was used for everything from meetings, lectures. whist drives, and dances. In the early 1960's (see below) when the
showband era was in full swing, the A.O.H. hosted the Blarney Club, which specialised in Ceili bands (as you would expect given the
nature of the organisation). By the mid-1960's, the hall had been renamed the Hibernian Ballroom at the A.O.H. (see below),
From about 1965, the Blarney Club was replaced by The 25 Club (as well as the new Leeside Social Club), both of which
continued to run dances but remained in the ballroom and Irish dance genres, featuring Ceili bands and orchestras even into the 1970's.
During the mid 70's the ballroom seemed to feature only a couple of bands on a frequent basis like Jimmy Dunny and Brose Walsh.
Dancing on a regular basis appears to have halted in the Hibernian in late 1976 and the hall went back to hosting
meetings and snooker tournaments, among other events. The hall applied for its last dance license in 1979 and sometime
in the early 1980's (around '82-83) the building was taken over by the People's College which still occupies it today.

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