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Ballyconneely Hall, Ballyconneely, Co. Galway

The people of Ballyconneely set out to build their own parish hall in 1958 and on November 29th, 1959, the Most Reverend Dr. Walsh,
Archbishop of Tuam blessed and opened the new hall. Officially called the Lourdes Centenary Hall, it soon became known simply
as Ballyconneely Hall. In the beginning, besides meetings and other local events, the hall hosted mostly Ceili dances. Eventually during the sixties,
the hall would cater to the showband sound, but never strayed far from the Ceili bands like the Gallowglass and others. Although regular
dances were held in the hall through the early 1970's, it appears this came to a halt and the hall went back to being used mostly
for meetings and local events. We found the last application for a dance license in 1985 and in 1987 there was a drive to fund the
restoration of the hall. In 2006, the hall was re-opened after extensive refurbishment and it is still a cornerstone of the community
today, although not for dancing. Part of the refurbishment was the addition of a creche (child care).    


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