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Blue Lagoon, Sligo, Co. Sligo

The "old Blue Lagoon" (the building on the left of the photo below) was taken over by Peter Henry from
Cloonacool, in 1961. Previously, he had run the Lough Gill Bar at 17 Temple Street in Sligo for a short time.
For the bulk of the 1960's Peter's main emphasis in the bar seemed to be on darts as teams travelled far and wide
for cup and prizes back in the day. It wasn't until the late 1960's when things began to change. In 1969, Peter added
a new singing lounge which was the new craze across Ireland. A little over four years later, in 1974, he extended it again
as far as he possibly could and applied for a dancing license. In 1978, he would add yet another piece to his
entertainment complex when he opened the Tudor Room, a smaller lounge to the rear of the original building. From the mid 70's to the
early 1980's the Blue was hive of activity with a wide variety of bands which included U2, the Furey Brothers, Wolfe Tones,
Joe Cuddy, Brendan Grace and many more. Around 1984, the Blue changed again, selling off all its pub furniture and redesigning the
interior into a disco nite club called Oasis. Over the next 20 years, the lounger was used for parties, functions and the odd gig, but
never returned to the height of the early singing lounge days.. In 2006, the Blue was sold to developers who wanted to demolish it
to make way for a three story nite club complex. Local residents objected, but the project never went ahead and the Blue was purchased back
by Peter Henry's daughter and her husband, but the lounge still mostly sits empty and quiet, still resembling a 1980's disco.

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