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Rockabilly Rebels

Formed in August, 1982 by Martin Gildea (bass), the band included his sister, Valerie Ward (vocals), Gerry Gallagher (drums),
Stephen McPhilips (keyboards) and Gerry Quinn (guitar). Based in Ardara, Co. Donegal, initial reports were that the band was being
managed by Peter Gallagher but shortly thereafter it was reported they were managed by Gerry Reynolds.
They released a single, "Foolin Around / Queen of the Jive" on February 14th, 1983. The songs were recorded in Mike Kelly's
Ace Studios in Sligo. In June, 1983, the band had its third management change when Paddy Bradley took over and in August, 1983
they released their second single, "Without You" on the Rainbow Record label. In November, the band
became the new Glen Curtin backing band. But this didn't last long as in July, 1984, Martin and Valerie formed a duo called 
"Together. Martin went to the states for 18 months in 1987 and upon his return in 1989 formed a duo
called "Daddy and Me" with his daughter, Michelle. The band never played much outside Donegal and the northwest and never
really reached its full potential before going off the road.

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