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The Showbands of the 50's and 60's: U through Z (168)

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On this page, we want to pay tribute to the many bands that entertained Irish audiences back in the "good old days." Additionally, we have been fortunate enough to receive collections of photos from several generous individuals, click here to view those photos. If anyone takes exception to having these photos exhibited on our website, please let us know and we'll remove them immediately. Thanks. By the way, if you know where any of the musicians from these bands are today, please click here and tell us.

Special thanks to David Dwane of the Western People, Kathleen Smith, Billy Swann, (formerly of The Cossacks Showband), Dick Lynott, Shorty O'Kane, Joe Dodd and Liam O'Reilly, who generously contributed their collections of photographs to the wesbite. Also our thanks go to Michael Nesbitt, Jan Lynch, Tom Foley, Karl Compton, Brendan O'Loughlin, Olly Walsh, Martin Flynn, Glen Brown, Paddy Brennan and Teddie Palmer for additional info and photos. 

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Witnesses Showband Wee Four Showband (BL) Victors Showband (JD) Witnesses Showband (JD) Victors Showband (PB)
Victors Showband (DD) Woodchoppers Showband (BS) Woodpeckers Showband (BS) Tony Woods (LR) Woodchoppers Showband (LR)
Witnesses (MN) Vanguard Six (TP)

Tony Hughes and the Ventures (KS)

Art Supple and the Victors - 1970 (DK)

Shan Wilkinson (PY)

Vanguard Six (LR) Vanguard Six (JB) Woodchoppers Showband (JB) Woodchoppers Showband (JB) Victors Showband (JB)
Kevin Woods Showband (JB) Voxenaires (BB) Viceroys Showband (JB) Zodiacs Showband (JB) Zulus Showband (JB)
Ventures Showband (JB) Vanguard Six (BF) New Viscounts (BF) The Ventures (BF) Brose Walsh Band (JF)
Vienna Showband (AC) Kevin Woods Showband - 1964 Victors in 1966 (MB) Washington Showband Victors

Ventures - 1970

Ventures - 1969

Ventures - 1970

Ventures - 1969

Ventures - 1970

Young Stars - 1972 (PM) Swinging Viscounts (RF) Viscounts (RF) Viscount Stars (RF) Volunteers (RF)
U-kons (RF) U-kons (RF) Union Express (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF)
Vards Showband (RF) Viceroys Showband (RF) The Vienna (RF) Vikings Showband (RF) Virginian Showband (RF)
Woodchoppers (RF) Woodlanders (RF) Woodpeckers (RF) Yaks (RF) Young Earls (RF)
Young Shadows (RF) Young Vikings (RF) Zodiaks (RF) Zulus (RF) Walter Lewis (RF)
Voxenaires (RF) Voxenaires (RF) Walter Lewis (RF) Wanderaires (RF) Wanderaires (RF)
Watchmakers (RF) Westerners (RF) Witnesses (RF) Witnesses (RF) Whispers (RF)
Wheels (RF) Wolverines (RF) Western Dixie Flyers (RF) Zulus (RF) Zulus (RF)
Zodiacs (RF) Zodiacs (RF) Yukons (RF) Young Vikings (RF) Young Vikings (RF)
Young Shadows (RF) Young Shadows (RF) Young Shadows (RF) Yaks (RF) Woodpeckers (RF)
Woodpeckers (RF) Woodpeckers (RF) Woodpeckers (RF) Woodpeckers (RF) Woodpeckers (RF)
Woodpeckers (RF) Woodchoppers (RF) Woodchoppers (RF) Woodchoppers (RF) Watchmakers (RF)
U-Kons (RF) Union Express (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF)
Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF)
Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Vanguard Six (RF) Ventures (RF) Ventures (RF)
Ventures (RF) Ventures (RF) Ventures (RF) Ventures (RF) Viceroys (RF)
Ventures (RF) Ventures (RF) Ventures (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF)
Victors (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF)
Victors (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF) Victors (RF)
Viscounts (RF) Voxenaires (RF) Voxenaires (RF) Voxenaires (RF) Voxenaires (RF)
Walter Lewis (RF) Walter Lewis (RF) Wheels (RF) Wheels (RF) Wheels (RF)
Witnesses (RF) Witnesses (RF) Witnesses (RF) Brose Walsh (RF) Brose Walsh (RF)
Brose Walsh (RF) Witnesses (TH) Witnesses (TH) Witnesses (TH) Volunteers (NM)
Volunteers (NM) Zodiacs (RF) Vikings (PL) Witnesses (PL) Ivan of the Zodiacs (PL)
Woodchoppers (PL) Woodchoppers (PL) Woodpeckers (PL) Young Shadows (PL) Jimmy Whelan (RF)
Jimmy Wiley (RF) Jimmy Wiley (RF) Jimmy Wiley (RF) Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Photo Credits:

(DD) Photos courtesy David Dwane of the Western People
(LR) Photos courtesy Liam O'Reilly
(MN) Photos courtesy Mike Niblett
(PB) Photos courtesy Paddy Brennan of the Limerick Rock n' Roll Club
(JD)  Photos courtesy Joe Dodd
(BS) Photos courtesy Billy Swann
(BL) Photos courtesy Brendan O'Loughlin
(BK) Photos courtesy Brian "Shorty" O'Kane
(GB) Photos courtesy Glen Brown
(MF) Photos courtesy Martin Flynn
(TP) Photos courtesy Teddie Palmer
(DL) Photos courtesy Dick Lynott
(MH) Photos courtesy Michael O'Hara
Photos courtesy Louis Chapman
(DM) Photos courtesy Danny McLaughlin
(MB) Photos courtesy Michael Brennan
(LG) Photos courtesy Liam Gilmartin
(MG) Photos courtesy Mick Gilligan
(GC) Photos courtesy Gerard O'Connor
(KS) Photos courtesy Kathleen Smith
(DH) Photos courtesy David Hayes
(DK) Photos courtesy Des Hopkins
(TF) Photos courtesy Tom Foley
(DX) Photos courtesy Dessie Lennox
(JB) Photos courtesy John Baird
(BF) Photos courtesy Brian Furey
(JF) Photos courtesy John Fennessy
(AC) Photos courtesy Alec Cowan
(BB) Photo courtesy Billy Byrne
(PM) Photo courtesy Paul Mulholland
(RF) Photos courtesy Reynolds Family
(NM) Photos courtesy Niall Murray

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