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The true era of the Irish showbands actually started in the mid 1950's, but really didn't catch fire and explode until the early 1960's. Many books and documentaries have done a good job explaining how and why the showbands came about. What is certain is that a showband had just one job...entertain the crowds and "keep them dancing."

The term "showband" was reportedly coined by the late legendary Belfast musician Dave Glover. In a 1989 interview on BBC Ulster radio he said that although the Clipper Carlton were the first band to put on a show during the night with their "Saturday Night Jukebox" segment, he was the first to add the word to his band's name, becoming The Dave Glover Showband. Although in later years the term would come to identify a broad range of musical styles, in the mid 1950's it meant just that...the band included a "show" in the middle of the evening. Usually this "show" included comedy skits, impersonations, or other acts that stopped the crowd in their tracks and they watched the "show" for up to a half hour or more, after which time dancing would be resumed. Click here to listen to Dave's story about the term "showband." (You must have Real Player to hear the streaming audio).

The pictures below are a who's who of the showband scene in the mid 1960's this is the front and back covers of the 1967 Spotlight Annual (kindly contributed by Liam O'Reilly). Click on either photo to get a large size image and the names of all the stars!       

Before the days of electric guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers, brass instruments dominated the music of Ireland. Every showband worth its salt had two, or even three (or more) brass players. Although brass instruments were overtaken by guitars and organs in American and British pop music in the sixties, showbands, and some notable pop acts, continued to feature brass.

This was the period in Irish entertainment history that gave the country its first "superstars." Names like Dickie Rock, Brendan Bowyer, Butch Moore, Brendan O'Brien and many others, came to prominence during the heyday of the showbands in the early to mid-1960's. Ballrooms dotted the countryside and were packed with "punters" every night. Bands like the Capitol, the Clipper Carlton, the Royal Showband, the Miami, and many others created an industry that employed upwards of 10,000 people at its peak.

Legends Brose Walsh and Jack Ruane in 1980

Of course these bands were huge, but not all bands were making thousands of pounds a night. Thanks to a member of our community, Declan Byrne, we have an exclusive from his late mother's collection of memorabilia. Click on the small photo at the left to see the full size image. For those who can't wait to see, the date was 1966, the band was The Royal Earls Showband, and the fee was 60 for five hours from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Those were the days!

Seeing Double: As you peruse the list below, you will occasionally see the same band name twice, but from different towns. This isn't a mistake and the bands didn't move. Often two bands in different parts of the country would choose the same name. Depending on where they played, this usually did not create a problem, but when it did, one band usually changed its name. There are several great resources about this era in Irish entertainment history including Vincent Power's book, Send 'Em Home Sweatin' and Finbar O'Keefe's book, Goodnight, God Bless and Safe Home.            

The photo at left was donated by Liam O'Reilly and was taken in Donegal in 1963. Each ballroom was running twice a week with top bands in all the venues. Click on the photo for a full size version. Most amazingly, all these halls were within twenty miles of Letterkenny.

**We owe major thanks to Patrick Hoye for his help and continuing support in building this list. A very special thanks to David Dwane of the Western People, Billy Swann, formerly of The Cossacks Showband, Joe Dodd, and Liam O'Reilly of the Columbia Showband (among others), who generously contributed their collections of photographs to the website. Also our thanks go to Michael Nesbitt, Glen Brown, John Baird, Dick Lynott, Jan Lynch, Anne Lynch, Lorraine Clarke, Karl Compton, Paddy Brennan, and Teddie Palmer for additional info and photos.   

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Abilene Showband** [Ballina] (later became the Fairways)
Actions Showband*** [Dublin] (started in 1965 featured Ian McGarry on drums, Carl Phillip vocals)
Adelaide Showband [Athy]
Agents Showband/P2 [Edenderry] (featured Ollie then Gary Street - RIP, they became the Fairways in the late 60's)
Airchords Showband [Dublin] (featured Pat Lynch-broke up in 1971 with several members joining Red Hurley's Wheels)
Airliners Showband/P2** [Dublin]
Allegros Showband** [Unknown]
Alberta Five Showband [Unknown]
Buddy Allen Showband^ [Belfast]
Ray Allen Showband^ [Summerhill, Co. Meath] (resident in Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin)
Altonaires Showband [Dublin]
Alpine Showband featuring Monty Snow [Belfast]
Alpine Seven Showband/P2** [Dublin]
Ambassador 7 Showband [Limerick]
Ambassadors Dance Orchestra^ [Belfast]
Amigos Showband** [Belfast]
Angels Showband** [Dublin] (on the road in the mid to late 1960's)
Annalee's Showband** [Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan]
Paul Anthony Showband^ [Carndonagh] (on the road in 1962)
Apache Showband [Sligo]
Apollo Showband** [Hollywood]
Arabs Showband** [Belfast]
Aran Showband*** [Dublin]
Arcadians Showband/P2/P3 [Navan] (featured Jimmy Smith and Joe Higgins on lead vocals)
Archers Showband** [Cork]
Arctic Showband** [Graignamanagh]
Argonauts Showband^ [Banbridge]
Ariel Showband^ [Derry]
Armada Showband [Northern Ireland] (became Dan and the Farmers in 1973)
Arrans Showband [Dublin]
Arranville Showband [Lifford]
Arrivals Showband (featuring Declan Ryan) [Cork]
Arrows Showband [Dublin]
Artones Showband** [Greystones, Wicklow] (Featured Tommy Hayden and became the Jets then the Nevada)
Ascot Showband^ [Limerick]
Gene and the Assassins [Unknown] (on the road in the mid to late 1960's)
Astrals Showband^ [Galway] (Featured Norman Payne)
Astronauts Showband [Kilkenny] (became the Montana Showband)
Astronauts Super Star Showband [Loughrea]
Atlantic Showband / P2 / P3 [Waterford]
Atlantis Showband/ P2 /P3 [Dublin] (Short lived showband that became the Debonnaires, featured Cyril Shane)
Avengers Showband/P2/P3 [Athlone]
Avengers Showband** [Limerick]
Avengers Showband [Waterford]
Avonairs Showband/P2 [Arklow]
Avonaires Showband** [Belfast]
Aztecs Showband^ [Belfast]
Jim Bacon Orchestra** [Dublin]
Bandits Showband [Tuam]
Bankers/P2/P3 [Derry] (originally The Barristers Showband switched names in late 1966)
Jimmy Banks Showband [Dublin]
Toby Bannon Orchestra** [Bray, Co. Wicklow]
Banshees Showband/P2/P3 [Belfast]
Barnstormers Showband** [Dublin]
Barons Showband/P2/P3 [Dublin]
Barristers Showband [Derry] (became The Bankers)
Barrow Boys Showband [Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny]
John Barry Seven [London]
Batchelors [Dublin] (Photo-BOK)
Syd Bates Orchestra*** [Belfast]
Bats Showband*** [Belfast]
Beach Boys Showband [Unknown]
Beat Minstrels Showband** [Louisburg]
Beaumont Seven Showband [Derry]
Beavers Showband [Bray]
Belaires Showband [Dublin]
Bel-Aires Showband [Ballyclare]
Beltona Showband** [Bushmills]
Beltones Showband^ [Limerick] (On the road in the early 1960's through 1969)
Paddy Benson Orchestra [Limerick] (photo courtesy Paddy Brennan)
Bermuda Showband [Loughrea] (on the road around 1966)
Bermuda Showband [Wexford] (on the road in the early 1960's)
Berwyn Showband [Limerick] (founded by Mick Crowe in 1966)
Big Eight [Dublin] (Started by Brendan Bowyer and Tom Dunphy after leaving the Royal relocated to Las Vegas)
Big Five Showband^ [Derry]
Big Four [Derry] (started in 60's and reformed in 1974)
Big Timers Showband [Donegal?]  (featured Chris Kirby)
Billy Mack Showband [Ballaghadereen]
Benny Birkett Orchestra* [Dublin] (started in 1950 became Des Furlong showband in 1960)
Black Aces Showband [Kilkenny] (featured Ollie Kearney and then Sonny Cullen)
Blackbirds Showband* [Dublin] (thanks to Joe Dodd)
Black Diamond Showband** [Claremorris] (started by the late Mattie McDonagh)
Black Dots Showband/P2/P3 [Longford]
Black Knights^ [Rathdowney]
Jim Blaine Showband [Crossmolina] (photo courtesy David Dwane)
Blarney Ceili Band^ [Cork]
Blazers Showband** [Galway]
Blue Aces Showband [Waterford] (Formed in 1957, moved to London in 1964 to make it, broke up around '66.)
Blue Aces Showband [Galway] (Same name, different band...on the road in the late 1960's)
Blue Angels^ [Belfast]
Blue Angels Showband [Clonmel]
Blue Beats Showband^ [Dublin]
Blue Boys Showband [Castledawson, Co. Derry]
Blue Clavons** [Dublin] (late 50's band gave Butch Moore and Jimmy Hogan of the Capitol their starts in Dublin)
Blue Crystals Showband** [Dublin]
Blue Diamonds Showband** [Dublin]
Blue Eagles [Thomastown]
Blue Glows Showband** [Letterkenny]
Blue Hurricanes Showband [Unknown] (on the road in the early 1960's)
Blue Notes Showband [Derry]
Blue Notes Showband [Arklow]
Blue River Boys** [Belfast]
Blue Rockets Showband** [Cork] (originally called The Blue Rockets)
Blue Zodiacs Showband [Dublin]
Bluebeats Showband^ [Belfast]
Bluegrass Country Bandshow/P2/P3 [Armagh?]
Jimmy Boggan Showband^ [Dublin]
Harry Boland Band [Waterford] (started in 1956)
Boston Showband/P2 [Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath] (thanks to Paddy Brennan)
Boston Showband [Carlow] (thanks to Liam Kelly)
Boston Stompers [Waterford]
Jimmy Boyce Showband^ [Castlereagh]
Boys from County Mayo with Eileen Donaghy [Unknown] (thanks to Dick Lynott)
Johnny Brady Dance Band [Claremorris] (thanks to Colman Rushe)
Breakaways Showband [Magherafelt] (where Brendan Quinn got his start - became the Signs)
Breakaways Showband [Midleton, Cork] (launched in February, 1971 - managed by Bertie O'Mahoney)
Breakaways Showband [Naas]
Breda McMahon and the Golden Star [Unknown]
Brian Rock and The Boys** [Dublin]
Bridesiders Showband [Tallow]
Jack Brierley Showband/P2/P3 [Douglas, Co. Cork]
Brigadons Showband* [Dublin]
Broadsiders Showband featuring Deidre Downes [Unknown]
Broadway Showband/P2/P3 [Belfast] (featured Oliver Harcourt in the late 1960's)
Bromwells Showband*** [Cork]
Brother's Showband** [Newtownabbey] 
Pete Browne and his Band of Renown [Kiltimagh]
Brunswick Showband** [Belfast] 
Buccaneers Showband featuring Des Kelly [Unknown]
Ritchie Burbridge Orchestra^ [Dublin]
Buoylanders Showband^ [Belfast]
Pat Burke Seven Showband^ [Cahir]
Burmah Showband/P2** [Navan]
Burton Showband^ [Mountnorris, Co. Armagh]
Dolly Butler Band [Cork]
Johnny Butler Orchestra/P2 [Dublin] (started in the 1930's and went to America in 1956)
Bye-Laws [Dublin]
Chris Byrne Showband** [Dublin]
Jay Byrne Showband/P2* [Wicklow]
Cadets Showband [Dublin] (Eileen Reid was Ireland's first female superstar with a string of hit records)
Cadillac Showband** [Kingscourt]
Gerry Cahill Dance Band [Galway] (formed in 1954)
Calandos Showband** [Kildare]
Johnny Calvert Showband** [Belfast]
Pat Campbell Showband/P2** [Monaghan]
Cameron Clan* [Larne] (C&W band which featured Tom Cameron who enjoyed a solo career as a fiddler)
Canadians Showband [Drumree, CVo. Meath]
Mark Canavan and his Band* [Arklow]
Canora Bandshow [Crossmaglen. Co. Armagh]
Jim Cantwell Big Band [Kilkenny] (10 piece band which featured Paddy Day as lead vocalist in 1970)
Capitol Showband [Dublin] (One of the great showbands...Butch Moore passed away in April, 2001)
Capri Four** [Cork]
Capri Showband/P2 [Larne]
Captain's Showband** [Dublin] (on the road in the mid 1960's)
Carling Showband/P2** [Finaghy] (featured Joe Duffy)
Carlton Showband** [Lurgan]
Carlton Dance Band** [Drogheda]
Carnegie Showband/P2/P3^ [Irvinestown] (became the Dawnbreakers in 1966)
Carolina Showband** [Mullingar]
Caroline Showband [Dublin] (started by Ronan O'Rahilly who owned Radio Caroline, featured Earl Jordan-Mel Dean)
Carousel Showband/P2 [Dublin]
Billy Carter Showband^ [Dublin]
Gene Carr Showband^ [Bishopstown]
Cascades [Belfast]
Dick Cashman Showband/P2 [Middleton, Cork] (regional showband which played in the southern counties from 1955)
Casino Showband [Dublin] (became the Indians in 1971 and are still on the go today)
Casuals (featuring Dawn Knight) [Monaghan]
Stan Cauley Orchestra [Derry]
Cavalier Showband [Limerick]
Cavern Showband [Co. Down] (on the road in 1968, released one record, It's A Sin)
Central Seven Showband/P2 [Ferbane]
Tony Chambers Orchestra [Castlebar]
Chancellors Showband/P2/P3** [Drogheda] (on the road 1965-1969 - featured singer Mickey Rooney)
Charade Showband^ [Dublin]
Checkers Showband/P2 [Derry] (featured Pat McCrossan in the late 60's)
Checkmates [Belfast]
Checkmates/P2 [Drogheda]
Chessmen (featuring Alan Dee) [Dublin] (Popular in the mid to late 60's)
Chimes Showband [Dublin]
Chord-En-Aires Showband [Larne]
Citizens Showband** [Dublin]
Bud Clancy Showband** [Limerick]
Clansmen Showband [Dublin]
Eber Clarke Orchestra [Newry] (our thanks to Noel Cunningham and Agnes Sloan for photo and info)
Classic Dance Band [Donegal] (band formed by the late John Kerr)
Classic Showband [Claremorris] (band featured Royal Blues' Gill brothers-from Colman Rushe)
Classic Showband/P2 [Mullingar]
Clavichords Showband*** [Dublin]
Claxton Showband  [Drumquin]
Clefonaires [Tubbercurry, Sligo] (3 members-Paraic, Mickey and Roddy-still gig as the Jazz Ladds in Sligo)
Cliffords Showband [Dublin]
Clifton Showband^ [Portadown]
Clipper Carlton Showband [Strabane] (The "original" showband - originators of the Saturday Night Jukebox dance)
Clippertones/P2 [Keady, Co. Armagh]
Clouds [Dublin] (voted Best new band in Spotlight 1969 poll)
Clubmen (featuring Dermot O'Brien) [Dublin]
Clyde Valley Showband [Unknown]
Coasters Showband/P2 [Larne]
Coasters Showband/P2 [Derry]
Nat Coleman Showband [N.I.]
College Boys [Newtownabbey] (Northern showband from the 60's, and again in the 80's)
College Showband [Limerick] (started in 1963)
Collegemen Showband (featuring Des Smyth)/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin]
Collette and the Partners [Unknown]
Donie Collins Showband [Askeaton]
Colours Showband [Dublin] (formerly The Jackpots changed their name in May, 1969 and added Red Hurley)
Columbia Showband [Arklow, Co. Wicklow] (formerly the Red Seven)
Comets Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Omagh]
Comet Tones Showband** [Dundalk]
Commodores Showband** [Dublin]
Jimmy Compton Showband* [Belfast]
Concords Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Lucan]
Confederates Showband [Co. Tyrone]
Noel Connell Showband** [Dundonald]
Chris Connolly Ceili Band^ [Kilcullen]
Conquerors Showband^ [Birr] (moved to Portumna then Galway and still going strong today)
Consuls Showband^/P2 [Cork]
Continental Showband [Bangor]
Continentals Showband [Limerick]
Billy Conway Showband/P2 [Limerick]
Mickey Conway Showband [Magherafelt]
Coral Showband** [Ballymena]
Cordettes Showband/P2/P3 [Loughrea]
Corsairs Showband^ [Belfast]
Cortina Showband [Belfast]
Cortina Showband [Nenagh]
Pascal Cosgrove Showband [Foxford]
Cosmos Showband/P2 [Larne]
Cossacks Showband [Ballymena]
Cossacks Showband** [Tipperary]
Joe Coughlan Orchestra*** [Dublin]
Countdown Showband [Bundoran]
Countrymen Showband [Clara, Co Offaly]
Counts Showband^ [Ballyphehane]
Courtelles Showband [Greenisland]
Cousins Showband/P2/P3 [Newtownabbey] (featured lead singer Clarke Frampton-our thanks to Teddie Palmer for info)
Cowboys Showband [Carrick-On-Suir]
Crackaways Showband (featuring Patricia)^ [Clara] (changed name to Playmates in 1970)
George Crawford Showband^ [Belfast]
Creole Showband** [Athlone]
Creoles Showband [Dublin]
Crescendos Showband** [Belfast]
Crescent Showband [Donegal]
Crested Knights Showband** [Kells]
Crickets Showband/P2 [Dublin]
Cristones Showband [Derry]
Crowns Showband [Tralee]
Cruisers Showband [Unknown] (aka Larry and the Cruisers)
Jack Cuddihy and the Embassy Band [Unknown]
Mick Cummins Orchestra [Dublin] (Resident in the Macushla Ballroom-our thanks to Peter Brady)
Paddy Cummins Showband [Campile, Co. Wexford]
Bob Cupples Showband [Belfast]
Peter Cusack and the Tonics* [Bray, Co. Wicklow] (thanks to Joe Dodd)
Crystal All-Stars [Co. Galway]
Crystal Showband [Unknown]
Cyclones Showband [Belfast]
Cyclones Showband/P2 [Dublin] (photo courtesy Joe Dodd)
Cymbals Showband/P2 [Kilworth, Co. Cork]
Dakotas Showband [Omagh]
Michael (Bunny) Dalton Showband^ [Listowel]
Dambusters Showband [Waterford] (late 1960's showband with David Kelly lead vocalist)
Danstimers Showband [Portadown]
Dave and the Diamonds^ [Belfast]
Davitt Brothers Showband/P2 [Ferns, Co. Wexford]
Dawnbreakers featuring Philomena/P2/P3/P4 [Enniskillen] (also featured Dora in the late 60's-were the Carnegie)
Debonaires Showband [Dublin] (formerly the Atlantis Showband)
Decca Showband/P2/P3 [Waterford]  (formed in 1964 by the Bible brothers, Val and Vic)
Dee Jays Showband/P2 [Milford]
Defenders Showband featuring Deidre [Newry] (Opportunity Knocks winners in 1966)
Mick Delahunty Orchestra [Clonmel] (started around 1935 by Mick)
Mick Delahunty Jr. Band [Clonmel]
Thomas Delaney Showband [Dublin]
Delta All Stars [Coleraine] (photo courtesy Brian O'Kane)
Delta Boys Showband*** [Drogheda]
Demons Showband*** [Lurgan]
Denver Showband^ [Belfast]
Denver Showband^/P2 [Letterkenny] (Ponsonby family showband which eventually became the Rascals)
Deputies Showband*** [Belfast]
Derby Showband [Kildare] (Featured Betty Gibson, on the road in the early 60's - Steve Talbot)
Derek Joys Showband [Waterford] (photo courtesy Joe Dodd)
Derrick and the Sounds/P2 [Omagh]
Derry City Showband** [Derry] (Changed their name to the Tahiti Showband when they turned pro at Easter 1965)
Derrytones Showband^ [Derry]
Des-etts Showband** [Dublin] (new name for Des Furlong Showband in 1964)
Detours Showband^ [Bangor]
Detroit Showband [Bandon, Co. Cork] (Thanks to Jim Nolan for info on the band)
Diamonds Showband** [Unknown]
Dinny Hughes Showband [Mullingar] (on the road for nearly 50 years)
Diplomats Showband [Cork]
Dixielanders Showband [Cork] (formed from Arcadia Ballroom relief group and eventually shortened to The Dixies)
Dixies Showband [Cork] (after their split in 1972, Joe Mac and Brendan O'Brien formed Stage 2)
Dixietones Showband [Charlestown]
Alex Dixon Showband^ [Newtownabbey]
Dave Dixon Orchestra*** [Clones]
Dixonaires Showband [Clones]
Dolphin Showband [Dublin]
Domino Showband^ [Hollywood]
Dominoes Showband [Ballina] (a.k.a. "The Dynamic Dominoes")
Domino Showband** [Cork]
Donnays Showband** [Belfast]
Malachy Doris Showband** [Belfast]
Dots Showband [Strabane] (would become the Polka Dots - or the other way around)
Dougie and the Dingles** [Unknown]
Dreambeats [Westport]
Dreams [Dublin] (the band split and formed Freedom in the early 70's)
Drifters Showband (featuring Joe Dolan) [Mullingar] (spawned both the Swarbriggs and The Times bands)
Drumbeats Showband/P2 [Lifford]
Dublin Corporation with Peter Law** [Dublin]
Dublin City Showband* [Dublin] (photo courtesy Joe Dodd)
George Duffy Orchestra [Dundalk]
Dukes Showband [Belfast]
Dukes Showband [Cork]
Dukes Showband/P2 [Kilcar]
Jimmy Dunny Showband*** [Newbridge, Co. Kildare]
Dynachords Showband^ [Derry]
Dynamics Showband*** [Dublin] (featured Kevin O'Doherty)
Dynamic Sounds with Gene Stuart* [Unknown]
Eagles Showband [Wexford]
Eamonn O'Toole Showband [Nenagh]
Eamonn Ponsonby Showband/P2 [Letterkenny]
Eamonn Robinson Showband [Ferbane]
Earl Gill Showband/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Dublin] (Included Jim Farley and Sean Dunphy)
Earls Showband [Portadown]
Earlybirds Showband [Drogheda]
Easybeats Showband/P2** [Ballina]
Easybeats Showband/P2 [Belfast] (from Danny McLaughlin)
Echos Showband/P2/P3/ [Arklow]
Eddie & the Cravats** [Castlepollard] (formed by members of the Firehouse Five)
Editors Showband (featuring Kevin Flynn)^ [Cahir] (mid to late 60's)
Eldorado Showband** [Drogheda] (late 50's early 60's)
Embassy Showband** [Derry] (Resident band in Derry's Embassy Ballroom)
Embassy Showband [Enniscorthy]
Embassy 7 Showband [Dublin]
Emerald Showband [Belfast]
Emily Showband [Blarney] (on the road in the late 1960's)
Emperors Showband [Derry]
Empire Showband [Limerick]
Enabarts Showband** [Strabane]
Encores Showband** [Belfast]
Enterprise Showband^ [Dublin]
Envoys Showband [Letterkenny]
Epic Showband [Newry] (photo courtesy Billy Swann)
EPs Showband^ [Omagh]
Erin Vale Ceili Bandshow [Lurgan]
Esquire Allstars Showband/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Derry] (featured vocalist Billy Tyson)
Everglades Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Kells]
Evergreens Showband/P2 [Ferbane]
Exciters Showband [Monaghan]
Exciters Showband/P2/P3 [Roscommon] (formed in 1968 from two local groups with a female bass player from the USA)
Exiles Showband [Belfast]
Express Showband [Dublin]
Fab Five Showband*** [Mayo]
Falcons Showband/P2** [Bangor]
Jimmy Fahy Showband [Roscrea]
Fairways Showband [Edenderry-Ballina]
Jim Farley All Stars (featuring Terry Mahon) [Dublin] (one of the many bands formed by Ireland's top sax player)
Jim Farley Band Show [Dublin] (eleven piece early 60's band)
Jim Farley and the Tophatters (featuring Tina) [Dublin] (photo courtesy Joe Dodd )
Jim Farley Showband [Dublin] (featured Roly Daniels)
John Farrell Orchestra^ [Dublin]
Fashion with John Collier**/P2/P3 [Dublin]
John Fitzgerald Orchestra*** [Dublin]
Richie Fitzgerald Ceili Band [Bundoran] (Richie sadly passed away in February, 2007)
Federals Showband [Belfast] (our thanks to Vaughan Byrne for the photo and lineup info)
Fernandos Showband** [Roscommon]
Finnavons Showband [Castleblaney] (Fronted by Gerry Black and later Tom Allen)
Fiesta Showband/P2/P3 [Dublin]
Fiesta Showband [Charlestown]
Finvola Showband [Ballykelly]
Firehouse Five/Showband^ [Castlepollard] (became 5 plus Two in the mid 60's)
Jack Flahive Orchestra^ [Dublin]
Flair Showband [Belfast] (1969 - 1970, formerly known as the Raydots - our thanks to Alan Jones)
Flamingoes Showband [Dundalk]
Fleetwood Showband [Waterford]
Flingels Bandshow/P2 [Derry]
Florida Showband*** [Derry]
Florida Showband** [Kildare]
Flying Carlton Showband* [Drogheda] (formed in 1945, the first Irish band to fly to a gig)
Johnny Flynn Showband [Tuam] (One of the West's all time favourite bands)
Mick Fogarty Showband [Cashel]
Fontana Showband/P2 [Cork] (started in 1963, featured Rory Gallagher at one time and became The Impact Showband)
Fontana Showband [Ballymena] (became the Green Angels in 1965)
Footappers Showband [Waterford]
Foundations Showband^ [Derry]
Foyle Showband** [Derry]
Frankie and the Echoes/P2 [Ballymena]
Freshmen [Ballymena] (featuring the talents of Derek Deane and Billy Brown-break away from Billy McFarland band)
Des Fretwell Orchestra** / P2 [Galway]
Friars Showband [Limerick]
Pat Friel Showband/P2/P3^ [Westport] (aka The Frielmen)
Friends Showband [Laois] (started in 1968)
Fugitives Showband / P2* [Wicklow]
Des Furlong Showband [Dublin] (formerly Benny Birkett Band then became the Des-Etts SHowband)
Galaxy Showband [Lurgan] (60's and 70's showband)
Columba Gallagher Showband [Strabane] (50's showband)
Ray Gallagher Showband [Derry] (Late 50's early 60's showband)
Galway Blazers Showband [Galway] (60's showband)
Johnny Gavin Bandshow**/P2 [Dublin] (Resident band in Clery's Ballroom-featured Helen Jordan and Johnny Hyland)
Gay Dons Showband [Monaghan] (on the road in the early 1970's)
Gaylords Showband [Ballinderry/Lurgan]
Gay Stars Showband [Monaghan]
Gearytones Showband [Cork]
Gene and the Gents [Enniskillen] (formed by ex members of the Skyrockets and featured Henry McCullough)
Generation Showband^ [Limavady]
Gentiles Showband [Unknown] (on the road in the late 1960's featured Simon King)
Gents Showband [Dublin]
Giant's Showband / P2** [Dublin]
Globetrotters Showband/P2/P3** [Armagh]
Dave Glover Showband [Glengormley] (Dave's wife, Muriel Day, was in Eurovision in 1969)
Jack Glynn Quintet*** [Limerick]
Ritchie Glynn Showband^ [Dublin]
Golden Aces Pioneer Showband [Ballinrobe]
Golden Eagle Dance Band [Glangevlin, Co. Cavan]
Golden Eagles Showband/P2/P3 [Cork]
Golden Harp Ceili Band [Dublin]
Golden Seven Showband/P2/P3 [Lifford]
Goldentones Showband [Dublin] (on the road in 1962)
Graduates Showband [Skerries] (featured Tony Keeling)
Grafton Showband [Cookstown] (lead in the early 1960's by Jimmy Devlin)
Grafton Showband [Gowna] (first band Larry Cunningham joined in 1960 or so)
Granada Girls/P2^ [Castlerea] (one of the first all girl bands)
Granada Showband/P2** [Dungannon]
Granadiers Showband [Unknown]
Jimmy Grant Showband^ [Dublin]
Gravediggers Showband*** [Belfast]
Albert Gray Showband^ [Belfast]
Green Angels [Ballymena] (featured Gerry McLean and Roy Addinell in 1966 formerly the Fontana Showband)
Great 8 Showband** [Hollywood]
Greenbeats [Dublin] (resident group on The Showband Show turned showband featured RTE producer, John Keogh)
Grenada Showband** [Dublin]
Grenada Sound Showband** [Antrim]
Grenadiers Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Belfast]
Gypsies [Newtownabbey]
Fred Hanna and the Langanmen [Newtownards]
Fred Hanna Showband/P2 [Newtownards]
Jack Hanley Showband [Templemore]
Harmony Aces Showband [Armagh] (On the road in 1958 and managed by Joe Devlin)
Harlequins Showband [Belfast]
Kevin Harper and the Boys *[Arklow]
Jack Harrison Showband^ [Belfast]
Danny Haverty & His Orchestra* [Unknown]
Hawaii-50 Showband** [Unknown]
Hawaiian Showband [Dublin] (formerly the Bob Ormsby band, changed name in 1964)
Hawgs Showband/P2 [Derry]
Heartbeats/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Dublin]
Heatwave^ [Dublin]
Helmsmen Showband^ [Carrigaline]
Andy Hennessy Showband^ [Gowna]
High Seas Showband [Larne] ('65-'69 featured Billy Brown's cousin Alex as well as T.G. Ford)
Hi-Fi's Showband^ [Dublin]
Hi-Lites Showband [Naas] (formed around 1965)
Hi-Lows Showband [Cavan] (featured Ian Corrigan in the late 60's)
Hilton Showband [Newry] (formed by members of The Rhythm Aces)
Highwaymen Showband^ [Armagh]
HMV Showband^ [Cork]
Hoedowners (featuring Earl Gill & Sean Dunphy) [Dublin]
Hollies Showband/P2 [Farranferris, Co. Cork] (featured lead singer Tony Murphy)
Houston Showband [Edenderry] (on the road in the mid to late 1960's)
Hudson Showband/P2  [Lurgan] (photo courtesy Billy Swann)
Denis Hughs Showband^ [Kilbeggan]
Hunters Showband / P2 [Trim]
Huntsmen Showband** [Lisburn]
Hurricans Showband / P2 [Ballymena]
Hurricanes Showband [Dundalk]
Hustlers Showband [Dublin] (went on the road in 1964)
Huston Showband [Edenderry]
Hymac Showband [Waterford]
Idaho Showband** [Belfast] (formerly known as the Manhattan Showband-emigrated from Bob Alexander)
Immediates Showband** [Wexford]
Impact Showband [Cork] (formerly The Fontana and launching board for guitar legend Rory Gallagher)
Impact Showband [Waterford] (Unsure if there is any connection to the Impact of Cork)
Imperial All Stars/P2** [Derry]
Imperial Imps/P2/P3 [Lucan]
Imperials Showband^ [Banbridge]
Impressions Showband [Ardee]
Incas Showband [Belfast]
Index Showband [Unknown]
Individuals Showband^ [Coleraine]
Inmates Showband*** [Dublin]
Innkeepers Showband** [Belfast]
Innocents Showband / P2 [Dublin]
International Showband/P2 [Derry]
International Stars Showband [Unknown]
Invaders Showband*** [Ballycastle]
Iona Showband^ [Derry]
Pat Irwin Allstars*** [Cork]
Ivy Caste Dance Band [Ballintubber] (lead by the late Peter Shanagher, who helped set up the Premier Aces)
Jackpots Showband [Dublin] (changed their name in May, 1969 to The Colours)
Jaguars Showband [Roscommon]
Des Jenkins Dance Orchestra [Cavan] (aka Des Jenkins Sextet on the road in the mid 50's)
Trevor Jenkins Showband [Belfast]
Jets Showband [Greystones] (Previously known as the Artones, they became the Nevada)
Jivenaires Showband/P2 [Boyle]
Johnny and the Jokers Showband [Derry]
Jimmy Johnston Showband [Lisburn]
Jimmy Joyce Showband** [Belfast]
Earl Jordan* [Dublin] (Earl was with both the Caroline and Derek Joys Showbands)
George B. Jordan Showband/ P2/P3/P4*** [Ballina]
Jordanaires Showband** [Cootehill]
Jordans Showband/P2 [Carrigrohane]
Joys Showband [Dublin]
Joys Showband [Waterford]
Jukes Showband^ [Dromore]
Kamels Showband [Dublin]
Kanaverals Showband / P1 / P2** [Roscommon]
Kangaroos Showband [Dundalk]
Neil Kearns Showband*** [Dublin]
Noel Kelehan Showband^ [Dublin]
Charlie Kelly Showband^ [Derry]
Ciaran Kelly Ceili Band [Athlone]
Tom Kelly Sound [Ballina] (precursor of the Fairways)
Billy Kendrick Orchestra [Clonmel]
Ken Kennedy Showband [Monaghan] (started in 1959 featured Ronnie Griffiths)
Kentones Showband/P2/P3 [Kilkenny]
Kentuckians Showband** [Derry-thanks to Jim Nolan]
Kerry Blues Showband [Tralee]
Kestrals Showband** [Cork]
Kevin Bourke Showband [Castlebar]
Kevin Flynn Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Cahir]
Kevin O'Doherty Showband [Dublin]
Keynotes (featuring Margo/Ben E. Quinn) [Letterkenny]
Keymen Showband^[Dublin]
Kiltormer Ceili Band^[Ballinsaloe]
Kingdom Showband [Tralee] (Mossie Burke's resident band in Horan's, Ballybunion & Hydro Hotel, Kilkee)
King Oliver Showband [Belfast]
Kings Showband [Naas]
Kingston All Stars Showband/P2 [Derry]
Klan Showband [Belfast]
Klondyke Showband/P2 [Omagh]
Knights Showband / P2**[Laois]
Knoxville Showband**[Ballybofey]
La Bamba Showband** [Dublin] (thanks to Patrick Hoye)
La Bamba Showband** [Sligo]
Lakewood Swingtette/P2/P3/P4* [Derry]
Lamplighters Showband [Dublin]
Don Lane Orchestra^ [Dublin]
Laganmen Showband / P2* [Belfast]
Chris Lambe Showband** [Dublin]
Laredo Showband [Kilkenny] (started in 1963)
Las Vegas [Belfast] (Our thanks to Alan Jones)
Las Vegas Showband*** [Dublin]
Dave Lalor Nostalgia Band/P2 [Tullamore] (on the road in the 1990's)
Leaders Showband/P2 [Westport, Co. Mayo] click for website link
Leitrim Ceili Band^ [Loughrea]
Walter Lewis Enterprise Showband [Ballymena] (featured Dusty Young in the late 1960's)
Liam Ivory's Ceili Showband [Tuam]
Lights Showband [Arklow]
Limits Showband^ [Carrick-on-Shannon]
Lions Showband [Dublin] (Featured the late Danny Pierce, then Tony Hughes and Gene Chetty)
Londonaires Showband [Limerick] (on the road in the early 1960's)
Pat Loughman Showband [Dublin]
Joe Lowney Orchestral Showband [Wexford]
Luxembourg Showband [Wexford] (became the Supreme Showband-featured Joe Lowrey)
Maurice Lynch Showband /P2 [Castleblaney] (featured Gloria Smith in early 70's)
Stan Lynn Showband/P2/P3 [Belfast] (on the road in 1959 and early 60's)
Emilio Macari Showband^ [Dublin]
Madisons Showband [Naas]
Mad Lads Showband [Belfast]
Madisons Showband/P2 [Naas]
Madrid Showband** [Dublin] (formed in mid 1964 from Fendermen line-up with ex-Casino vocalist Jimmy Breen)
Magnificent 7 Showband [Derry]
Majestic Showband^ [Keady] (also known as the Majestic All Stars)
Majorca Showband /P2/P3/P4 [Cloughjordan]
Majors Showband [Dublin?] (on the road in the mid to late 1960's)
Mainliners (featuring Big Tom) [Castleblaney] (perhaps the biggest name of the era)
Mainliners [Derry]
Olly Maloney Showband [Tuam] (Olly was also with the Ohio & Johnny Flynn but passed away in 1994)
Manhattan Showband/P2 [Belfast] (Featured Van Morrison as sax player in 1963-photo courtesy Pat Bogle)
Manhattan Showband [Dublin] (2 photos courtesy Darren Walsh)
Marble City Showband/P2 [Kilkenny]
Marguerite and the Kentuckians [Unknown]
Marines Showband [Letterkenny] (featured Pat Duskey in the mid 1960's)
Marksmen (featuring Houston Wells) [Dublin]
Mark V Showband^ [Omagh]
Martells Showband/P2 [Carrigaline]
Marvettes Showband/P2 [Belfast]
Mascot Showband** [Ballina]
Masters Showband** [Derry]
Matadors Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Belfast] (Bill Bleakley's son, Owen, told us the band was on Top of the Pops)
Paddy McCafferty Showband / P2 / P3*** [Ballybofey/Stranorlar]
Maisie McDaniel & The Fendermen [Sligo]
Mattie McDonagh Dance Band [Claremorris] (our thanks to Colman Rushe)
Johnny McEvoy & The Country Band [Dublin] (Johnny's first, and only, band)
Billy McFarland Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Ahoghill]
Pat McGeegan and the Big Four / P2 [Derry] (started in 60's and reformed in 1974)
McGuiness Brothers Orchestra [Dublin]
Gay McIntyre Orchestra/P2 [Derry]
Alex McKee Showband*** [Belfast]
Tom McKechnie Showband*** [Belfast]
Johnny McMahon Orchestra [Limerick]
C. McNamara Showband [Thurles]
Mecca Showband [Ballincolig]
Mellochords [Emyvale]
Melochords [Dublin] (Featured pre-Miami Dickie Rock)
Melody Aces [Newtownstewart] (One of the top bands of the era - featured Shay Hutchinson )
Melotones/P2/P3 [Belfast]
Memphis Showband [Dublin] (short lived 1965 showband which featured newcomer Roly Daniels)
Merriemen Showband [Tralee]
Merryboys/P2 [Crossmolina]
Merrymen Showband^ [Moate]
Merry Minstrels Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Mullingar]
Merry Monarchs Showband [Omagh] (early 1960's)
Mexicans (featuring Tina) [Bray]
M.I. Five Showband*** [Belfast]
Miami Showband (featuring Dickie Rock) [Dublin]
Michael and the Majors Showband [Dublin]
Mick Roche and the Arrows [Dublin]
Midnighters Showband/P2/P3/P4[Ardee]
Mighty Avons [Ballyhaise, Cavan] (band members Larry Cunningham and Ronnie Griffiths went on to solo fame)
Mighty Oscars Showband / P2 [Monaghan]
Mighty Rhythm Aces*** [Donegal]
Mighty Rhythm Boys*/P2 [Buncrana] (managed in 1960 by Leo Smith)
Mighty Rhythm Kings [Abbeyleix]
Millionaires Showband [Dublin] (formed around 1964 and managed by John Devitt)
Misfits Showband*** [Belfast]
John Mitchell Showband^ [Ballymena]
Modernaires Showband^ [Mitchelstown]
Molloy All Stars [Unknown] (on the road in the late 1950's)
Monaco Showband /P2/P3 [Dublin] (featured Beatrice Reid, sister of Eileen)
Monarchs Showband [Belfast] (featured Van Morrison abd George Jones before Them)
Monarchs Showband [Limerick] (formed in 1960 and eventually added Tommy Drennan in 1963, broke up in 1972)
Montana Showband** [Kilkenny] (formerly the Astronauts)
Montrose Showband [Foxford]
Moonglows Showband [Dublin]
Moonlight Serenaders Showband [Belturbet, Co. Cavan]
James Morrow Showband*** [Belfast]
Mounties Showband** [Dublin]
Denis Moynihan Quintet [Ballingeary. Co. Cork] (Our thanks to Jerry Kelleher for town)
Dave Moynihan Showband [Ferns, Co. Wexford]
Maurice Mulcahy Orchestra [Mitchelstown] (Started in 1953, he passed away in 1963 and his brother Joe took over) 
Brendan Mulhaire's Ceili Band^ [Galway]
Humphrey Murphy Showband*** [Dublin]
John Murphy Bandshow [Crossmaglen] (also featured vocalist Frances Duffy, see Newline Showband)
Paddy Murphy and his Sorrento Dance Orchestra [Athy]
Paddy Murphy Showband [Athy]
Musicmakers Showband*** [Cork]
Mustangs Showband^ [Dublin]
Mystery Men Showband*** [Dublin]
Mystics Showband*** [Belfast]
Mystics [Boyle] (formerly The Jivenaires)
Nashville Ramblers Showband** (featuring Maisie McDaniel and Gregory) [Unknown]
Nashville Showband featuring Seamus McGee*** [Dublin]
Navak Showband [Cavan] (Formed in 1965)
Neary Brothers Showband [Foxford]
Nevada Showband [Wicklow] (Maisie McDaniel, Kelly, Roly Daniels in the 60's - see pop bands for more)
Nevada Showband^ [Coleraine]
New City Showband [Unknown]
New Viscounts [Dublin]
New Yorkers Showband** [Dublin]
Newline Showband / P2 [Castleblaney] (Featured Mainliner Ronnie Duffy's sister Frances on vocals)
Newmen Showband/P2 /P3/P4/P5 [Ballymena]
George Newmen Band*** [Belfast]
New Savoy Orchestra^ [Belfast]
Niagra Showband featuring John Kelly/P2/P3 [Ballyhaunis]
Night Squard featuring Muriel Day** [Toronto] (our thanks to Pat Hoye)
Nomads Showband [Kilkenny] (featured Big Band leader Jim Cantwell - formerly Swing Commandos)
Northernaires Showband/P2 [Antrim] (on the road in the mid 1960's)
Northern Comets Showband/P2/P3 [Belfast] (on the road in the early 1960's)
Northern Lights Showband [Kilcar]
Northern Star Bandshow [Donaghmore]
Tommy O'Brien Orchestra*** [Dublin]
Michael O'Callaghan Showband [Buttevant]
Oceans Showband [Belfast]
Odeon Showband [Clonmel-Dublin]
Kevan O'Doherty Showband [Dublin] (Our thanks to Liam Redmond, former bass player with the band)
Darby O'Gill [Dublin] (Character player by Earl Gill)
Shay O'Hara [Unknown] (Sang with the Premier Aces and Royal Blues)
Ohio Showband (featuring Gerry Cronin) [Tuam] (One of the West's best known showbands)
Oklahoma Showband [Galway]
Old Cross Showband [Omagh?] (on the road in the late 60's with Angela Begley as lead singer)
Mick O'Loughlin Dance Band/P2 [Claremorris] (thanks to Colman Rushe)
Olympic All Stars Showband / P2 [Derry]
Olympia Showband*** [Galway]
Olympic Showband [Dublin] (led by Jack Flahive, later to become head of the Irish Musicians Union-from Patrick Hoye)
Omega Showband** [Limerick]
Joe O'Neill and his Orchestra [Athy]
Ontario Showband^ [Derry]
Orients Showband*** [Belfast]
Oriole Showband /P2/P3/P4 [Galway]
Oriole Showband^ [Omagh]
Orlando Showband [Ballymoney]
Bob Ormsby Allstars** [Dublin]
Orpheus Dance Band [Strabane]
Orpheus Showband^ [Belfast]
Oscars Showband [Dundalk or Carlow]
Overlanders Showband/P1/P2/P3/P4 [Blacklion] (on the road in 1969 and early 70's)
Pacific Showband  [Dublin] (originally the Royal Olympics featured Sean Fagan & Sonny Knowles, then Peter Law)
Paddy Cole Superstars [Dublin]
Paladins Showband [Dublin]
Palladin Showband** [Donegal]
Palms Showband [Donegal?] (formerly known as the Transit Showband)
Panama Showband** [Dublin]
Paragon Seven Showband/P2 [Dundalk] (featured Gerry Foran - our thanks to Gerry McKenna)
Paramount Showband [Tuam]
Frank Parkes Orchestra** [Dublin]
Partners Showband (featuring Collette)** [Monaghan] (on the road in the early 1970's)
Pasadena Showband [Ballina]
Pasado Showband [Larne]
Pat and the Gay Dons Showband [Tyrone]
Pavillionaires Showband** [Dublin]
Eddie Pearl Showband^ [Belfast]
Pendulums Showband** [Newtownabbey]
Sid Phillips Band [Unknown]
Phantoms Showband*** [Dunmurray]
Philosophers Showband^ [Galway]
Pickering, Johnny Ceili Band^ [Moy, Co. Tyrone]
Pilots Showband [Dublin] (photo courtesy Joe Dodd)
Heather and the Pines [Longford]
Pioneers Showband^ [Gilford]
Pioneer Aces Showband [Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon] (became the Premiere Aces)
Pirates Showband [Limerick]
Planets Showband^ [Elphin]
Planets Showband^ [Lisburn]
Platters Showband [Omagh] (changed their name to the Plattermen)
Plattermen [Omagh] (Brian Coll's country band until Rob Strong joined in late sixties & changed direction)
Playboys Showband [Lifford]
Playmates Showband [Clara] (Formerly the Crackaways, added John Murphy - aka Jon Burley-as lead singer in 1970)
Playmates Showband [Tralee]
Polka Dots Showband [Omagh] (Featured Gregory in 1966 and later Frankie McBride)
William Ponsonby Showband [Letterkenny]
Tommy Power Showband*** [Cork]
Power Pack Showband** [Galway]
Premier Aces Showband [Ballintubber] (Roscommon's best known showband, previously the Pioneer Aces)
Presidents Showband [Belfast] (photos courtesy Brian O'Kane and Dessie Lennox)
Gerry and the Presidents [Bagnelstown]
Pressmen Showband [Coalisland]
Peter Pringle Showband [Dublin]
Problems Showband** [Tuam]
Prophets Showband^ [Belfast]
Pyramids Showband [Athlone]
Quartermasters Showband/P2/P3 [Arklow]
Johnny Quigley All Stars [Derry]
Jim Rabbitte Showband [Clara] (aka Silver Star Orchestra, on the road in the mid 1950's)
Radiant Showband [Scartaglin]
Radio Showband [Wicklow]  (formed in 1968 from members of the Scorpions and Dukes Showband)
Rainbow Showband [Carlow] (Our thanks to Liam Kelly)
Raindrops Showband [Galway] (featured Sean Nolan in the late 1960's and Chris Grace in 1969 became Big Time)
Ramblers Showband [Elphin, Co. Roscommon]
Rangers Showband [Wexford]
Ravens Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin]
Ray Allen Orchestra** [Dublin]
Raydots [Belfast] (1967-69 featuring Tom E. King - Our thanks to Alan Jones, changed to Flair in May 1969)
Real McCoy [Dublin]
Rebels Showband** [Dublin]
Red Admirals Showband** [Ballymena]
Red Barons Showband [Armoy] (became the Young Stars showband)
Red Devils Showband** [Mullingar] (original name of the Drifters in 1963)
Red Rockets Showband [Enniskillen] (photo provided by Len Quinn)
Red Seven Showband**/P2/P3/P4 [Arklow] (became the Columbia Showband)
Red Sunbeam Showband [Swanlinbar] (Led by Sean Gilheaney, whose nephew Joey was in the Times)
Regal Showband [Castleblaney] (started as Regal Orchestra in the early 1950's)
Regal Showband [Cork] (started as Regal Orchestra in Bantry featuring Declan Ryan/Barry Hendrick)
Regency Showband [Belfast] (photo courtesy Billy Swann)
Regent Showband [Larne]
Regents Showband [Monaghan] (featured Gene Stuart in the late 60's until he joined the Mighty Avons)
Rhythmaires Showband*** [Ballymoney]
Rhythm Aces [Newry] (became The Hilton Showband)
Rhythm Boys Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Buncrana]
Rhythm Kings [Bangor] (late fifties band)
Rhythm Stars Showband [Ballintubber]
Ray Richards Showband [Dublin]
Rim-Shot Showband [Clonmel]
Donal Ring Ceili Band^ [Cork]
Rio Showband / P2 [Cork] (our thanks to Jim Cotter)
Rio Showband** [Lifford]
Ripchords Showband^ [Naas]
Rising Sons Showband*** [Derry]
Ritz Showband [Cork] (Managed by Kevin O'Sullivan)
River Boys (featuring Cindy)** [Portrush]
Rivi-eires Showband  [Unknown]
Riviera Showband (featuring Shay Cribben) [Ballyhaunis] (Shay sadly passed away Sept 30, 2005)
Robin & the Breakaways [Magherafelt] (photo courtesy Billy Swann)
Robin & The Signs** [Belfast]
Rocky Mountain Travelers [Unknown]
Jimmy Rohan Orchestra** [Unknown]
Wes Rollins Showband [Belfast]
Rolettes Showband^ [Carlow]
Rollin' Tones*** [Dublin]
Romany Dance Orchestra [Foxford] (on the road in the mid 1950's)
Pat Roper and the Spotlights [Unknown] (Originally the Cabaret All Stars quartet formed by ex-Capitols)
Rovers Showband [Monaghan] (Formed by Ceili king Malachy Doris with members of the Grafton showband)
Rowlands Showband [Belfast]
Royal Aces Showband [Dungarvan]
Royal Blues Showband (featuring Doc Carroll) [Claremorris]
Royal Chords featuring Lynda [Castlebar]
Royal Earls Showband/P2/P3 [Dublin] (one time featured Sandie Jones, became the Zulus - thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Royal Olympics Showband [Dublin] (original name of the Pacific Showband)
Royal Safari [Leitrim] 
Royal Showband  [Waterford] (photos courtesy of Billy Swann/Joe Dodd)
Royal Showband (featuring Lee Lynch) [Waterford] (Lee Lynch replaced Brendan Bowyer when he formed The Big 8)
Royal Stars Showband*** [Drogheda]
Royalists Showband** [Ballyhaunis] (featured Fred Molloy)
Royaltones Showband** [Ballinderry]
Royal Viceroys** [Drogheda]
Jack Ruane Showband [Ballina]
Rhythmaires Showband*** [Ballymoney]
Safari Showband [Unknown]
Sahara Showband [Granard] (formed in 1967 featured singer Pat Hanrahan)
San Antones featuring Vin Brogan** [Co. Mayo]
Saints Showband (featuring Syd Shine)/P2 [Athlone]
Sands Showband [Dublin] (formed by Murty Quinn after split with Miami in 1967)
San Remo Showband** [Unknown]
Santa Fe Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Strabane] (temporarily formed by members of the Clipper Carlton)
Satellites Showband [Belfast]
Saturn Orchestra [Unknown]
Savannah Showband [Newbridge]
Savoy Showband [Waterford] (featured singer Don Duggan)
Savoy Swing Seven** [Carrick-on-Shannon]
Scarlet Seven Showband with Phil Munnelly [Crossmolina]
Scene Showband [Portstewart]
Seasons Showband [Ballymena]
Secrets Showband [Newcastle, Co Antrim]
Seekers Showband** [Belfast]
Senators Showband/P2/P3 [Belfast]
Serenaders Showband** [Belturbet, Cavan]
Seven Seas Showband/P2/P3** [Tramore] (thanks to David Hayes for the info & photo)
Shades Showband [Unknown]
Jimmy Shand Ceili Band [Unknown]
Shandon Ceili Band^ [Cork]
Shannon Aces Showband [Unknown]
Sharons Showband [Unknown]
Sheba Kelly Showband/P2/P3 (photo courtesy Paddy Brennan) (all female showband of the 60's)
Jimmy Shields Orchestra/P2/P3 [Dundalk]
Sierra Showband/P2^ [Dublin]
Signetts Showband/P2 [Unknown]
Signs Showband/P2/P3 [Magherafelt] (formerly called the Breakaways and became Cade's County)
Silhouettes/P2/P3/P4 [Newtownabbey]
Silver Dollar Showband/P2** [Markethill]
Silver Pennies Showband (with Paddy Boy) [Monaghan] (a showband before rocker April joined)
Silver Seven Dance Orchestra [Drogheda] (our thanks to Alba Mooney for info)
Silver Six Dance Orchestra [Mullingar]
Ralph Silvester Orchestra^ [Dublin]
Sinners Showband** [Belfast]
Sinners Showband*** [Longford]
Skyliners Showband** [Bangor]
Skyliners Showband** [Cork]
Skymasters Showband** [Strabane]
Skyrockets Showband [Enniskillen] (featured Penny Starr and Pat McGeegan in late 1960's)
Slick Six Showband [Tipperary]
Slieve Foy Showband [Greedore] (formed by Leo Brennan, father of Enya and members of Clannad)
Chick Smith Showband** [Dublin]
Louis Smith Showband [Unknown]
Smokey Mountain Ramblers  (band featured fiddler George Kaye and lead singer Pat Ely)
Snowdrifters Showband [Cookestown]
Somertones Showband** [Cork]
Sonics Showband*** [Belfast]
Sorrento Showband^ [Athy] (featured Paddy Murphy)
Sounds Anonymous Showband [Omagh] (Became the Derrick and the Sounds)
Soundtracks Showband** [Belfast]
Southerncoasters Showband^ [Cobh]
Southern Stars Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Cashel] (formerly the Mick Fogarty Showband)
Southlanders Showband/P2 [Kilworth, Co. Cork]
Souvenirs Showband^ [Belfast]
Snowdrifters Showband/P2 [Cookstown]
Spaniards Showband [Charleville]
Specialists Showband (featuring Pat Max)** [Rathmore]
Spectres Showband*** [Belfast]
Spotlights*/P2 [Arklow]
Springfields Showband/P2 [Belfast]
Squire's Showband [Tralee]
Stardusters Showband with Joe O'Neill* [Glenamaddy]
Stardusters Showband [Wexford]
Starliners Showband** [Belfast]
Starlites Showband [Unknown]
Stars Showband [Monaghan]
States Showband [Cork] (On the road in the early 70's)
Statesiders Showband** [Strabane] (tragedy struck the band when half the band were killed in a car crash in 1964)
Statesmen Showband [Unknown]
Steelmen Showband/P2/P3 [Ballygawley]
Steeplejacks Showband^ [Derry]
Stellas/P2/P3 [Dublin] (More information on The Stellas is available at
Sterling Showband/P2/P3 [Lurgan] (photo courtesy Billy Swann)
St. Mary's Ceili Bandshow^ [Sligo] (included future members of Rocky Mtn Ramblers)
St. Peter's Ceili Band [Dungannon]
Strands Showband [Belfast]
Stratatones Showband/P2/P3/P4** [Belfast]
Strollers Showband** [Belfast]
Pete Stuart Orchestra [Dublin] (our thanks to Peter Brady - resident band at Dublin's Palm Court Ballroom)
Students Showband [Ahoghill] (formerly the Billy McFarland Bandshow)
Studio 8 Showband [Dundalk]
Supertones Showband [Unknown]
Jimmie Sturrock Showband [Strabane]
Stylos Showband/P2 [Sligo]
Styx Showband^ [Newtownabbey]
Suns Showband/P2 [Eglington, Co. Derry]
Supertones Showband [Unknown]
Supreme Showband [Wexford] (formerly the Luxembourg Showband-featured Joe Lowney changed name in 1964)
Swallows Showband*** [Dublin]
Swingbeats Showband** [Cork]
Swing College Showband** [Nenagh]
Swing Commandos [Kilkenny] (became the Nomads in 1964)
Swing Earls Orchestra [Omagh]
Swinging Viscounts Showband/P2/P3 [Carndonagh]
Swinging Doors Showband [Rockcorry]
Swinging Safari Showband** [Monaghan]
Swingtime Aces Showband [Athenry] (featured Norman Payne in the late 60's)
Swingtones Showband^ [Derry]
R. Sylvester Showband [Dublin]
Sylvians Showband** [Belfast]
Syndicate Showband/P2 [Buncrana] (formed by former Mighty Rhythm boy, Dennis Eccles)
Tahiti Showband** [Derry] (formerly known as the Derry City Showband)
Tara Showband/P2 [Belfast]
Tartans/P2 [Unknown]
Tears Showband [Cork]
Teenbeats Showband*** [Belfast]
Teenbeats Showband/P2/P3 (featuring Betty Anne) [Dublin] (mid sixties Dublin based beat group turned showband)
Teeveetones Showband [Granard]
Telstars Showband [Carrick-On-Shannon]
Telstars Showband/P2/P3 [Tralee]
Texans Showband^ [Glaslough]
The Rising Sons Showband [Unknown]
Thunderbeats Showband** [Cork]
Tides Showband [Galway] (formerly the Bermuda Showband, changed name in July, 1968)
P.J. Tierney Orchestra [Carlow] (photo courtesy Michael Brennan)
Tigermen/ P2 / P3  (formed when Timmy Regan and Eamonn Campbell left Dermot O'Brien's Clubmen)
Times Showband [Mullingar] (formed when members of The Drifters split from brothers Joe and Ben Dolan)
Times Showband [Sligo] (managed by Pat Noone from Claremorris)
Tokyo Showband^ [Dublin]
Tonics Showband (featuring Peter Cusack) [Bray]
Tony & The Telstars [Belfast] (became Tony G. Ford & The Seekers, the precursor of the Stellas Showband)
Tony G Ford & The Seekers [Newcastle] (precursor of the Stellas Showband - thanks to Teddie Palmer for the info)
Toppers Showband** [Drogheda]
Top 7 Showband [Dublin] (short lived band formed by Connie Lynch and Frank Chisum after leaving the Royal in 1971)
Topflights Showband** [Ballina]
Topliners Dance Band [Strabane]
Toreadors Showband^ [Cork]
Toreadors Showband [Omagh]
Toronto Showband [Dundalk]
Tourists Showband/ P2 [Drogheda] (Managed by Gerry Carolan 1966-1970?, once featured Red Hurley on drums)
Tower Dance Orchestra [Youghal]
Traffic Showband [Unknown] Formed in late 1969 with Martin McCauley as lead singer
Hughie Trainor Showband/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Armagh]
Transit Showband/P2 [Dublin] (went on to become the Palms)
Transit Showband [Letterkenny]
Travellers Showband/P2 / P3 [Wexford]
Tremors Showband^ [Belfast]
Trend Showband (featuring "Peter Boy") [Derry] (Peter Boy was Pete Roddy-thanks to Richard Kelly)
Trenniers [Enniskillen] (Billed as Ireland's teenage "Dynamic" showband)
Trident Showband [Limerick]
Triffids Showband [Unknown]
Trixons Showband [Longford]
Tropical Showband/P2/P3 [Carlow]
Troubadours Showband [Tralee]
Twylights Showband^ [Dublin]
U-kons Showband**/P2/P3 [Kilkenny]
Union Express/P2 [Unknown]
U.S.A. Showband** [Dublin]
Val and the Valentines** [Unknown]
Vanguard Six [Tralee] (featured vocalist Little Eddie in the late 60's)
Vaqueres Showband*** [Belfast]
Vards Showband [Cork]
Velvetones Showband [Lisburn]
Ventures Showband [Emyvale] (featured brothers Tony & Colm Hughes)
Vibratones*** [Belfast]
Viceroy Showband*** [Cork]
Viceroy Showband [Milford]
Viceroys Showband*/P2/P3 [Drogheda]
Vicords Showband** [Dublin]
Victors Showband (featuring Art Supple) [Cork/Youghal]
Vienna Showband/P2 [Unknown] (formerly The Roosters)
Vikings Showband [Carlow]
Vikings Showband/P2 [Dundalk]
Virginian Showband [Unknown]
Viscounts with Paul Russell/P2** [Dublin]
Viscount Stars Showband [Nenagh]
Visions Showband** [Mullingar]
Viva Showband*** [Lurgan]
Volunteers Showband/P2/P3 [Dublin]
Voxenaires Showband[Clonmel]
Voodoos Showband [Dublin] (Dublin 5 piece beat group formed in 1965 that added brass and hit the road in 1967)
Brose Walsh's Showband/P2/P3/P4 [Castlebar] (one of Mayo's longest running and best known bands, still on the go)
Wanderaires Showband/P2 [Belturbet]
Warriors Showband [Portumna]
Washington Showband** [Belfast]
Washington Showband [Cork]
Watchmakers Showband/P2 [Monaghan]
Waves Showband, featuring Ricky Jennings [Cork] (formed by Dixies, short lived band of 1968-69)
Houston Wells and the Masters [Derry] (formed after Houston's group, The Marksmen, disbanded)
Western Dixie Flyers Showband [Charlestown]
Westerners Showband [Boyle]
Westlanders Showband^ [Derry]
Jimmy Whelan Showband [Killaloe]
Wheels Showband/P2  (formed by remaining Airchords with Red Hurley before he joined the Nevada)
Whirlwinds Showband [Belfast]
Whispers Showband [Carrick-On-Suir]
Billy White Showband*** [Belfast]
Jimmy Wiley Orchestra/Showband/ P2 / P3 [Mitchelstown, Co. Cork]
Shan Wilkinson Band [Dublin] (played resident in the Theatre Royal Dublin before going on the road - now in Hawaii)
Bob Wilson Showband*** [Belfast]
Jack Wilson Showband** [Belfast]
Witnesses Showband [Belfast]
Dick Whitney's Showband [Unknown]
Wolverines Showband [Dublin]
Woodchoppers Showband [Derry] (on the road in 1963 through 1966)
Woodchoppers Showband [Waterford] (on the road in 1960)
Woodlanders Showband [Unknown]
Woodpeckers Showband [Dundalk] (on the road in 1959)
Kevin Woods Showband/P2 [Drumshanbo]
Yaks Showband/P2 [Cork]
Young Cadets [Cork]
Young Clavons** [Dublin]
Young Earls Showband^ [Portadown]
Young Ones [Unknown]
Young Shadows/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Dublin]
Young Stars [Ballycastle]
Frank Young Showband^ [Dublin]
Young Vikings/P2/P3** [Dundalk]
Yukons Showband featuring Teresa Conlon/P2 [Urlingford]
Zodiacs Showband/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Armagh] (featured lead singer Ivan-aka Simon Scott)
Zodiaks Showband [Cork]
Zulus Showband/P2/P3/P4** [Dublin]

* All entries with a single asterisk were suggested by one of the following people: David Dwane of the Western People, Billy Swann, formerly of The Cossacks Showband, Joe Dodd, Liam O'Reilly of the Columbia Showband, Michael Nesbitt, Glen Brown, Jan Lynch, Anne Lynch, John Baird, Karl Compton, Lorraine Clarke, Paddy Brennan, and Teddie Palmer

** All entries marked with two asterisks were given to us by Patrick Hoye, a great supporter of the site and member of the era of Irish Showbands. I've asked him on several occasions how he remembers all these names and he said, they just keep coming to him. Thanks Patrick, your help in compiling this list has been invaluable! Patrick played bass with the Jivenaires, Swingtime Aces, New Drifters, and the Joe Dolan Band before emigrating to Boston!

*** All entries marked with two asterisks were taken from a list in Finbar O'Keefe's 2002 book, "Goodnight, God Bless and Safe Home."

^ All entries marked like this come from the 1967 Showband Annual which we received from Liam O'Reilly of Arklow, former member of The Columbia Showband, among others. Thanks Liam for the contribution and photos elsewhere on the site!

Although much has been added since its inception, the basis for this list was from Francis Kennedy's excellent website on Irish Showbands located at: Francis has photos of many of these bands, as well as information on members, showband posters, records sleeves, and a wealth of information. Visit his site today to learn more. Another great site for information on the showbands of the 50's and 60's is at

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