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On this page, we pay tribute to the many pop bands that entertained Irish audiences back in the "good old days." If anyone takes exception to having these photos exhibited on our website, please let us know and we'll remove them immediately, thanks. By the way, if you know where any of these bands are today, please click here

All photos are identified with contributor's initials on this page and their name imprinted on the photo. All photos are copy protected, if you would like a high resolution digital image, please email us and we will contact the contributor.
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The Memories - 1974 Magic Mania - 1975 The Memories - 1978 The Miami-1975 (DL) Monkey
Dickie Rock & The Miami (TP) The Memories in 1975 Ginger Morgan Memories Danny Doyle & Maxi - 1973
The Message 1983 Memories - 1979 Ronnie Medford Ginger Morgan - 1980 Tina & the Mexicans
Magic - late 70's (DD) Memories (early 70's) (DL) The Miami - 1980 (DD) Miami-1978 Miami All Stars -
early 70's
Tarzan & The Monkeys (DD) Miami Fran O'Toole & The Miami - 1974 (DL) Marie Morgan & The Pirates - 1975 Maher Family (DL)
Maxi, Dick & Twink (JD) Mint Rock Showband (AM) Dickie Rock & The Miami Derrick Mehaffey (TP) Fran O'Toole & The Miami - 1973 (PB)
Memories - 1966 (LR) Tina & The Mexicans (JD) Magic Band - 1980 (JB) Tarzan & The Monkeys (LR) Maxi (LR)

Billy Mac - 1973 Magic Band (PH) Billy Mac of the Miami - 1973 Reformed Miami in 1986 Miami - 1973
Miami - 1976 (PH) Miami - 1972 Miami (PH) Ginger Morgan Band (PH) Miami (PH)
Memories - 1978 (PH) Linda Martin of Chips The Mahers (PH) Dickie & The Miami Dickie & The Miami
Derrick Mehaffey Memories - 1976 Miami (PH) Miami Memories - 1978 (PH)
Miami - 1980's The Miami Miami - 1970 Memories - 1984 Magic Band - 1976 (GK)
Miami - 1980's Miami (PH) The Memories - 1977 (PH) The Miami (KS) Joe Mac (LR)
Miami (PH) Memories - 1979 (PH) Mary Lou-1982 (TP) Memories - 1968 Memories - 1968
Miami - 1971 Memories - 1974 Memories - 1971 Memories - 1969 Memories - 1973
Memories - 1975 Memories - 1969 Memories - 1974 Memories - 1975 Memories - 1972
Memories - 1967 Memories - 1968 Memories - 1975 Memories - 1972 Tory McGahey - 1972
Dave Maher (RF) Dave Maher (RF) Dave Maher (RF) Dave Maher (RF) Ginger Morgan (RF)
Ginger Morgan (RF) Ginger Morgan (RF) Ginger Morgan (RF) Ginger Morgan (RF) Ginger Morgan (RF)
Magic Band (RF) Magic Band (RF) Magic Band (RF) Magic Band (RF)

Maher Family (RF)


Maher Family (RF)

Maher Family (RF)

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Additional Photo Credits:

(AG) Photos contributed by Anthony Grace
(SM) Photos contributed by Shaun Magee
(MN) Photos contributed by Mike Niblett
(FK) Photos contributed by Francis Kennedy
(TP) Photos contributed by Teddie Palmer
(AC) Photos contributed by Alan Carr
(DD) Photos contributed by David Dwane of the Western People
(DL) Photos contributed by Dick Lynott
(DC) Photos contributed by Declan Colgan
(PK) Photos contributed by Peter Kinsey
(JD) Photos contributed by Joe Dodd
(BK) Photos contributed by Brian "Shorty" O'Kane
(AM) Photos contrbuted by Andy Monk
(FL) Photos contributed by Frank Lundy
(LR) Photos contributed by Liam O'Reilly
(KS) Photos contributed by Kathleen Smith
(JB) Photos contributed by Janet Burns
(PB) Photos contributed by Paddy Brennan
(BA) Photos contributed by Barbara Joyce
(LR) Photos contributed by Liam O'Reilly
(JB) Photos contributed by John Baird
(PH) Photos contributed by Peter Harkin
(TC) Photos contributed by Tom O'Connor

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