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Although the site is Irish Showbands, one of our major focuses is Irish Pop bands. As the sixties ended and the Irish Showbands began to fade, Ireland produced it's own brand of "pop" bands. New groups like The Memories, Chips, and the revamped Plattermen led the way for a new brand of entertainment. They didn't wear suits, and they didn't play country. In many ways, they took over where the "showbands" left off. On this page, we pay tribute to the many pop bands which have entertained Irish audiences throughout the years. Page down to see a listing of every pop band we have identified that played the "circuit" in the 70's and 80's. If you were in any of these bands and want to forward some info or photos, please do and we will publish them here! Where we have more than one photo, click on P1, P2, etc. for more photos.

Photo Acknowledgements: All photos are identified with contributor's name and initials (see full details on photo page).

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Angeline and her Band  [Drumquinn]
April and the Silver Pennies [Kingscourt] (70's country band, turned to pop in late 70's early 80's)
Arrows, featuring Mick Roche [Dublin] (thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Bernie and the Tartans (Featured Pat Roper and Jimmy Hogan)
Big Eight [Dublin] (Started by Brendan Bowyer and Tom Dunphy after leaving the Royal relocated to Las Vegas)
Billy Brown Band/P2/P3 (Billy's band in 1971 after leaving the Freshmen...Billy passed away June 6, 1999)
Billy Kidd and his Band (hit the road in 1974)
Boys n' Girls [Galway] (short lived six piece band featuring 2 girl singers during 1974-75)
Branagans/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (Geraldine played with her brothers before going solo)
Branagan Brothers Band [Dublin]
Brendan Bowyer and the Big 8 [Waterford/Las Vegas] (Brendan's Band after leaving the Royal--Tom Dunphy died in 1975)
Brotherly Love [Sligo] (The Duggan Brothers from Sligo managed by a very young Louis Walsh in early to mid 1970's)
Brown and O'Brien (Band which featured Billy Brown and Mike O'Brien-in mid 70's-our thanks to Alan Carr)
Brush Sheils Band/P2 [Dublin] (Brush's solo band after Skid Row)
Butler-Dempsey Band
Bumble Band [Unknown]
Cahir O'Doherty and the Dazzle Band (After The Gentry and starring in "Joseph," Cahir returned to the ballrooms)
Candy [Dublin] (our thanks to the Reynolds Family)
Candy [Larne] (our thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Candi and Dynamite/P2/P3/P4
Candi and USA
Carole and the New Blues [Dublin] (After Lola left the New Blues, Carol Wallace joined in 1976 to front the band)
Casablanca [Dublin] (1985 national Song Contest)
Cathal Dunne and Formula (After winning the Irish Song Contest, Cathal's new band)
Cathal Dunne and Stateside/P2 (Cathal's first band...he now lives in the United States) Feature
Cavalry [Unknown] (featured Terry McMullen)
Chad / P2 / P3 [Enniskillen]
Champagne [Athlone]
Champs / P2/ P3 [Larne] (early 70's Northern pop band)
Charley Boy
Cheeky Rascals (mid 70's name after signing with EMI to avoid confusion with Amercian band, The Rascals)
Chevy's / P2 / P3 / P4
Chips (One of Ireland's top pop groups of the 70's and into the mid 80's)
Chocolate Vehicle [Dublin] (Formed in 1971 to promote Jacob's Chocolates and toured the ballrooms)
Circle, The [Belfast] (Six piece Belfast pop group from the late 60's to late 70's)
Claddagh/P2 [Dublin] (A pop band featured Joe O'Toole)
Close Relations [Unknown] (Family pop group featuring Janette Sheerin)
Clouds [Dublin] (A pop band formed from the Fire Brigade in 1970 and managed Dan McGrattan)
Clouds/P2/P3 [Belfast] (A pop band formed in mid 80's and managed by Teddie Palmer of Rumble Band fame)
Clowns/P2/P3 [Dublin] (A band formed in 1980 around the gimmick of dressing in clown paint...same stable as The Miami)
Clubsound/P2/P3/P4 [Belfast] (Long running Belfast based pop/cabaret group that features comedy in their act)
College Boys/P2 (A reincarnation of a group Teddie Palmer was with in the 60's)
Colm C.T. Wilkinson/P2 (Won Irish Song Contest with "Born to Sing" in 1978, went on to International fame) His website
Conquerors [Galway] (One of the longest running "showbands" in Ireland...still going after 30 years)
Crack [Dublin] (Pop/rock band formed by Steven Travers, from Crackers)
Crackers [Dublin] (Formed by Aonghus McNally & Stephen Travers after leaving Starband...became The Crack)
Cruisers [Omagh] (Early 70's pop group)
Damien and the Music Lovers [Dublin?]  (Hit the road in 1974)
Dana [Derry]  (Ireland's first lady of Eurovision, winning in 1970)
Dave Maher and the Rockets (Pop band formed by former Maher family members)
Daddy Cool and the Lollipops (Pop band formed by showband legend Jim Farley)
Denis Allen Band [Limerick] (member of Top League & Dingaling, went solo after hit, "Limerick You're A Lady")
Derek Dean and the Freshmen (The lineup may have changed through the years, but Derek Dean has always been there)
Derrick and the Sounds [Omagh] (Fronted by Derrick Mehaffey)
Derrick and the Royal (Derrick Mehaffey fronted the Royal in their final days)
Des Lee, Julie and Starband (Des Lee formed Starband in mid-1978 after leaving the Miami)
Diamonds/P2 (Launched by Topline promotions December 1, 1978)
Dickie Rock and his Band [Dublin] (Dickie's solo band after starting out with the Miami Showband in the 1960's)
Dickie Rock and the Miami [Dublin] (one of the most famous of all the Irish showbands)
Dixies [Cork] (after the departure of Brendan O'Brien & Joe Mac, the band featured Sandie Jones, among others)
D.J. Curtin and the Kerry Blues [Tralee] (D.J. left to join the Big Eight in the mid 70's and emigrated to Las Vegas)
Double Vision [Unknown]
Dreams [Dublin] (Formed in 1968 and managed by Jim Hand)
Dreams/P2/P3/P4 [Newry] (A 1980's band that used the same name as the late sixties, ealry 70's band)
Duane Family
Duffie [Dublin] (Rock n' roll band from 1972)
Duggie Jane and Goldrush/P2
Duggie and The Dingle Band
Duskey Sisters [Sligo/Ballina] (Sandy, sister Barbara and cousin, Marian, joined the Fairways) Feature
Fairways [Edenderry/Ballina] (featured Gary Street, real name Joe Conway, sadly passed away in 2003)
Fame [Enniskillen]
Fantasy [Unknown]
Flames [Belfast] (Short lived band formed in 1969 which featured Gene Chetty ex-Gents)
Fleet Showband [Tuam]
Flint [Dublin] (mid to late seventies six man pop group that featured Joe O'Toole, Mick O'Hagan and Charlie Chapman)
Frank Chisum [Omagh] (we understand Ireland's top Elvis impersonator hung up his cape in 2000)
Freedom [Dublin]
Fresh Boogie Band [Bangor] (late 70's pop band)
Freshmen (One of the first great pop bands with Billy Brown & Derek Deane--their album, Peace on Earth,classic!)
Friends [Derry] (on the go in the early 70's, managed by Trevor Kane and featuring the Mallett sisters)
Gary Green and the Glamour Band [Galway] (Local promoter Marty Walsh assumed the stage name Gary Green)
GB Band [Dublin] (Geraldine's band in the early 80's)
Gene and the Jury/P2/P3 [Monaghan] (early 70's pop band)
Gentry (pop band that featured Cahir O'Doherty before the Dazzle Band, and name used later by a rock group)
Geraldine Brannagan & the Brannagan Bros [Dublin] (Geraldine married songwriter Phil Coulter)
Gerry & The Merryboys
Gerry & The Presidents [Bagenalstown] (early 70's pop/country band)
Gerry & The Ohio/P1 [Tuam] (one of the West of Ireland's biggest name bands for many years)
Giants [Unknown]
Gibney & Donovan Band/P2/P3/P4
Gimik [Limerick] (thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions [Cork] (started life as the Herdsmen in 1972 the top pop band in early 1980's)
Ginger Morgan and His Band (Ginger was the former "pop" vocalist with Big Tom and the Mainliners before going solo)
Ginger Morgan and Hot Fever (A name change only and later added a girl vocalist)
Girl Talk [Unknown]
Glen Curtin and the Galaxy Band [Cork] (Glen was with the New Blues and the Nevada before going solo in 1975)
Glen Curtin Band [Cork] (We think the band was renamed from the Galaxy Band)
Glen Curtin, Lola and The New Blues [Cork]
Glen Curtin, Tina and the Nevada [Dublin] (Glen replaced Red Hurley in the Nevada in 1974 and stayed for 12 months)
Groundhogs*/P2/P3 [Dublin] (Pop band from 1971 formed after the demise of John Farrell's Freedom & the Mexicans)
Lola and the Gypsies [Dublin] (Lola's first band)
Harmony Heights/P2* [Dublin] (Pop band '70-74 who played TV Club with many International acts like Dana & Status Quo)
Harry's Gang [Donegal] (Wilder Brothers band became the Rascals after buying name from Ted Posonby)
Herdsmen [Cork] (1972 pop band that became the Champions and the rest is history)
Hollywood Stars (Band formed in mid 70's around the the gimmick of dressing up like Hollywood movie stars)
Honey Bunch [Unknown] (Early 80's pop band)  
Horizon [Unknown] (80's pop band)  
Ideal [Derry] (Early 70's pop band)  
Jambylia featuring Billy Donegan and Tricia (still on the road today, 25 years later)
Jamie Stone/P2/P3/P4/P5 [Dublin] (Dublin singer songwriter who enjoyed some success in the mid 70's)
Jim Farley and his Big band [Dublin]
Joanna and Tequila Sunrise [Dublin] (after hitting the scene in the 1982, the band is still on the go today) Her webpage
Joe Cuddy (Cabaret artist that had a hit with "Any Dream Will Do" from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
Joe Dolan and the Drifters [Mullingar] (click here for Joe Dolan's website) (one of Ireland's biggest International stars)
John Collier & the New Dimensions
John Curtin and the Kerry Blues (I'm just guessing the John is D.J.'s brother...does anyone know for sure?)
Johnny Carroll Band [Galway] (former Magic leader went solo as the Man with the Golden Trumpet)
Johnny Logan (Winner of the 1980 & 1987 Eurovision Song Contest. Now spends most of his time in Germany)
Johnny Peters and Star Trek [Dublin] (Johnny was a cabaret artist in Dublin prior to breaking nationally in 1980)
Jones Gang (Sandie Jones band in the late 70's)
Joy Starr and the Opportunity Band (winner of the Opportunity Knocks contest in late seventies)
Jump The Gun (formed in 1986 - Ireland's 1988 Eurovision entry with Roy Taylor ex-Nevada & Peter Eades ex-Miami)
Kaye Twins/P2/P3 (still on the go today) Their website
Keith Kelly and Kansas City/P2/P3 (mid 70's pop band)
Kelly and Class/P2/P3 (Eileen "Kelley" was with The Nevada before going solo)
Kenny Ryder and Punch [Thurles] (Another incarnation of Kenny's solo band after leaving Tweed)
Kenny Ryder Superband [Thurles] (Former Tweed vocalist who left the band in the late 70's)
Kerry Blues [Kerry] (Band carried on after the departure of D.J., Curtin)
Kim Newport Band [Sligo] (Sligo based band that toured from 1978-1983) Her website
King Creole/P2/P3/P4 [Derry] (Late 70's early 80's pop band)
Laurie Hartz, Karen & Solid Gold /P2 
Leo and the Flemings [Dublin]  (Young band formed in 1970 with a girl dummer)
Lisa Love [Dublin]
Lola and the New Blues (After Glen Curtain left, band continued with Lola out front, Frank Gill was also a lead singer)
Lovers/P2/P3 [Dublin]
Luv Bug (LuvBug represented Ireland in Eurovision in 1986)
Lucky Numbers [Limerick]
Lyttle People [Belfast]
Magic and the Magic Band [Galway] (Formed as The Swallows, changed band to Magic - Kevin Walsh was 1st Magic)
Magic and the Swallows [Galway] (Formed from Murphy and the Swallows by Johnny Carroll and Joe O'Neill)
Maher Family/P2/P4/P4/P5 [Drogheda] (appeared on Hughie Green's Opportunity Knocks)
Marti, Mari and Argentina
Mary Lou (country singer turned to pop in the early 80's)
Maxi and Company/P2/P3 [Dublin] (of Maxi, Dick & Twink)
Maxi, Dick and Twink [Dublin] (Ireland's first "girl" group, Maxi would later form Sheeba)
Memories [Dublin] (One of the greatest pop/rock bands to come out of Ireland, excellent vocal harmonies.)
Message [Dublin] (formed by Mick Swan & Daire Doyle of the Memories after they left the band in the early 80's)
Miami [Dublin] (Originally Dickie Rock's backing band, 3 members killed in terrorist attack, reformed by Des Lee)
Mick O'Hagan and Romance (Mick is Johnny Logan's brother & was with Sandie Jones Band before going out on his own)
Midnight [Unknown]
Midnight Hour [Unknown]
Mint Rock Showband [Derry] (became the Stardust Showband in the mid-70's)
Mitch and the Edition [Dublin]
Monkey [Athlone] (One of several incarnations of the gimmick based pop band-see Tarzan and The Monkeys below)
Nevada-featuring Red Hurley and Kelly [Dublin] (one of the most polished and popular pop bands of the early 1970's)
Nevada-featuring Tina and Glen Curtin (After Red Hurley and Kelly left in mid 70's, Glen and Tina stepped in)
Nevada-featuring Roy Taylor and Karen Black (Another pair of vocalists that fronted the band in the early 80's)
New Generation [Unknown] (mid 70's band managed by Arthur Walters)
Ohio, The [Tuam] (Gerry Cronin's band)
Paddy Cole Superstars (After leaving Big 8, formed the Paddy Cole Superstars)
Pam and Fiesta (band featured Pam Courtney, who went on to form Wexford in 1980)
Pat Tynan and the Sands (a later lineup of the famous 60's showband)
Patricia and The Crackaways [Tullamore] (early 70's pop band...thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Pat Roper & the Spotlights [Unknown]
Peter Boy & The Trend [Derry] (Peter's real name was Peter Roddy)
Pirates featuring Liam and Emily [Limerick]
Philosophers [Galway]
Playboys [Lifford]
Pluto/P2 [Killybegs] (husband and wife team, Paul and Mary Gallagher formed this pop group in the mid 70's)
Poets, The [Unknown] (pop band formed in 1968 formerly the Heartbeats and managed by Larry Lohan)
Popcorn [Mullingar] (early 70's pop group...our thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Professionals [Mullingar] (mid 80's group featuring two of the original Drifters...our thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Rascals [Letterkenny] (Originally known as the Denver Showband, then Section One, featured Ted Ponsonby)
Real McCoy (featuring Tina Reynolds) (One of the first "pop" acts to break big in the Irish ballroom scene)
Red Hurley and his Band [Dublin] (Red Hurley left the Nevada in 1974 to go solo)
Reform [Limerick] (Limerick based pop-rock band that had several chart hits in Ireland)
Rob Strong and Las Vegas (Rob goes Hollywood and Kelly was also in this band for a time)
Rob Strong and the Plattermen (One of the original pop/rock/soul groups, patterned sound on Blood, Sweat and Tears)
Rob Strong and the Rockets (Band formed by Rob Strong after leaving Las Vegas)
Rockabilly Rebels/P2 [Donegal] (Five piece band launched in August 1982 by Martin Gildea)
Rock Stewart and the Plattermen (Replacement singer Rock Stewart, after departure of Rob Strong)
Roemance (80's pop band fronted by Roe sisters, Valerie and Patricia...thanks to Patrick Hoye)
Roly Daniels, Kelley & the Nevada (Roly left the Nevada to form Green County in 1971)
Ronnie Medford, Tina & the Nevada (With the Nevada for a short time, after Glen Curtin, before Roy Taylor)
Royal Blues (Showband turned pop in early 70's)
Royal Earls/P2 (Showband added female singer Sandie Jones in early 70's)
Royal Flush [Co. Galway] (Mid 80's pop band with former Conqueror Shay Spain on drums)
Roy Taylor, Tina & the Nevada (Just prior to Tina's retirement in 1978, Roy replaced Ronnie Medford)
Roy Taylor, Karen Black & the Nevada (Karen replaced Tina for one of the final lineups for the famous pop band)
Sahara [Dublin]
Samba & the Philosophers/P2 [Galway] (later version of the Philosophers, a Galway based rock/pop group of the early 70's)
San Bernadino
Sandie Jones & the Boyfriends (Sandie's first "showband" launched in late 1973)
Sandie Jones Band (Sandie represented Ireland in Eurovision in 1972 with "Ceol an Ghra," sung in Irish)
Sands [Dublin] (formed when members of the Miami broke away from Dickie Rock in the late 60's)
Scripto [Letterkenny] (Letterkenny based rock/pop band that toured in the mid 70's)
Shaft [Unknown] (mid 70's pop band)
Shampoo [Portran] (Started life as The Palms in 1970 and emigrated to Mexico, returning as Shampoo in 1978)
Shaun O'Dowd and Ding-A-Ling [Limerick] (Former member of Tommy Drennan's Top League went on his own in 1975)
Sheeba [Dublin] (Featured Maxi, of "Maxi, Dick and Twink" fame, a three girl "supergroup" formed in 1978)
Shorty & The Heartbeats [Belfast] (Formed in 1983, one of the North's most popular dance bands)
Sk'Boo [Belfast]
Some People/P2/P3 [Dublin] (Early 70's Dublin pop group featured Niall Byrne and Tony Dunne)
Sparkle  [Unknown]
Spring/P2/P3 [Newtownards] (Early 70's pop group managed by the Freshmen)
Stage Two [Cork] (Band formed by Joe Mac and Brendan O'Brien after the Dixies Showband.)
Stardust Showband [Derry] (formed in 1976 and later managed by Liam Hurley, changed name to Honey Bunch in the 80's)
Suite 2CU [Downpatrick] (On the road in the late 80's)
Sunshine (Original lineup featured Irene McElroy & Shaun Magee who both went to Chips)
Supersound 76 [Unknown] (short lived ten piece band in the mid seventies-our thanks to Tom O'Connor for info)
Superstars (After leaving Big 8, formed the Paddy Cole Superstars)
Swarbriggs Band/Winter [Mullingar] (Jimmy & Tommy Swarbrigg of the Times went on their own in mid 70's)
Tarzan, (Jane) & The Monkeys/P2 [Athlone]
Teddie Palmer and the Rumble Band [Belfast] (After several Belfast based groups, Teddie went nationwide in 1969) Feature
Teddie Palmer Band [Belfast] (In 1979, Teddie dropped the Rumble Band name) Feature
Teddy Bears [Magherafelt] (formed by Brendan Quinn's brother, Davy)
Times [Mullingar] (The Times were formed by members of Joe Dolan's backing band, the Drifters)
Thunderalley [Unknown] (Formed from Colm Hughes Superstars)
Tina Reynolds [Dublin]
Tom Kelly Sound/P2 [Ballina] (Early seventies precursor to the Fairways)
Tomorrow's People [Dublin] (Early seventies pop band)
Tommy Drennan Band/P2 (Tommy's band in later years)
Tommy Drennan and Top League [Limerick] (Tommy's band featured himself, Sean O'Dowd, and Denis Allen!)
Tommy Flynn and Goldust [unknown] (Tommy would soon join the Conquerors)
Tony Chambers and his Band
Tony Kenny (former lead singer with the Sands Showband, he went solo as well as starring roles in musical theater)
Tony Stevens and His Band/P2/P3
Topcats (formed by members of Tony Kenny's band, and became The Strangers)
Topp Stars [Unknown]
Transit [Unknown]
Tweed [Kilkenny] (One of the top pop bands of the era, started by Kenny and Brendan Ryder)  
Twilight 5/P2 [Unknown]
Twink and her Band (former teen star of "Maxi,. Dick and Twink" had her own band in late 70's before TV stardom)  
Ventures (featuring Colm Hughes) (Colm would go on to join Paddy Coles Superstars in the early 1980's)
Visions/P2 (featuring Tony Hughes)
Vienna/P2/P3 (pop band formed by Shaun Magee of Chips and members of Starband in early 80's)
Wexford (launched in 1980 featuring Pam Courtney, formerly of Pam and Fiesta)
Wheels (Red Hurley's band prior to joining the Nevada, former members of the Airchords and Magazine - 1970-71)
Whole Shebang [Unknown]
Witnesses [Belfast] (showband that kept going well into the 80's)
Zulus [Dublin] (formerly the Royal Earls - one of Ireland's strangest ever gimmick bands of the early 70's)

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